Create a Preset Industry: With Nicola Napolitano

Have you ever wondered how certain brands are always actively engaging with their audience on online platforms despite their tight schedules? Today we get to learn their tricks and who is the best at this in Italy. Behind every active account of a public figure or popular brand, there is an account manager and a digital marketing team. 

Every successful online entrepreneur will tell you that the need for e-commerce experts is as important as their brands. Apart from handling the consumers’ feedback, the digital market does all the groundwork. Such include gathering valuable statistics, graphic designing, and much more. 

This comes as such a relief to the client, as they can attend to other needs as their online brand generates passive income.

However, not all e-commerce personnel can be trusted with high-end products. There are just a few that have a reputable name in yielding significant results. Meet Nicola Napolitano, who is the brain behind the pride of many booming online brands in Italy and beyond.

What we know about Nicola Napolitano

After many years in the limelight, Nicola has, in recent years, found a new passion behind the cameras. Nicola Napolitano has transformed the image and the figures of many celebrities, online businesses, and influencers behind a computer. 

Nicola Napolitano is a jack of all trades. He first displayed a zeal for life when he was a mere minor. This was when he joined and did well in a local music band. He did amazingly well in music and went ahead to complement it with model-photography. 

Photographers are known to be fashionistas by default. He would later pursue his interest in design. He trained himself on product launching basics, knowledge that facilitated a successful launch of a clothing brand and body accessories business.  

How Nicola Napolitano ended up in e-commerce

Nicola Napolitano had become a brand and would soon become a highly sought out influencer. An achievement that exposed him to the online world would later mark a turning point for him. Given the ever-growing population of business investors and the competition between celebrities, Nicola decided to awaken his other tech interests. 

He was, but with a few challenges, able to venture widely into e-commerce. Today, Nicola Napolitano is a well-rated digital manager amongst high flying brands. The mass is quickly catching up with the importance of using the convenient option of a passive income enabled by e-commerce. This is evident, judging by the turnovers reported by formally dormant businesses.

The most notable milestone for Nicola Napolitano

Nicola Napolitano broke his own record in March of last year when he hit a 200k turnover with one e-commerce store that sells presets. He has been consistent with excellent results since. Thereby, we can safely confirm that your product/image is safe in his skillful hands. 

Why Nicola Napolitano is a gem

One thing that sets him apart from the rest in the digital space is the purpose attached to his trade. He is known to be passionate about tagging along with his counterparts in his path to excellence. It is in that spirit that he has incorporated mentorship in his business. Many entrepreneurs that have grabbed this chance have benefited quite a lot.


Nicola Napolitano has achieved so much in his young life and he has changed the lives of hundreds. If you’re looking to scale your e-commerce business or need help starting one, reach out to Nicola today.