Creating a luxurious lifestyle for himself as a high-performing tech entrepreneur is Prophecy Onasis

With his business ventures, the ace entrepreneur is leaving no stone unturned to emerge as a prosperous tech industry mogul.

One thing is to have a certain purpose in life, however, it is a different thing to achieve success by pursuing several different facets of a specific field of interest. People are usually found to be running behind only one specific goal in life, although many others believe in trying everything to ultimately achieve their destination and become a big success. Similar is the story of a dynamic entrepreneur originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, he is  prophecy Onasis, who believed he could achieve the success he desired and that’s what he did. Prophecy has been working behind the scenes for more than 20 years at the helm of some of the world’s largest tech and entertainment firms, such as Verizon Media. He is responsible for developing native applications and content distribution networks for entertainment as Chief Technology Officer of Vuuzle Media. He’s also a brilliant genius with a few words that when he speaks, he demands attention. His childhood of growing up with many successful people was the benchmark for excellence. Prophecy says that his achievement is partially due to the highly motivated group of friends with whom he surrounded himself at an early age. He lists many actors and wealthy individuals with whom he just happened to go to school and how he knew they would all be popular early on. He says, “I realized all the way through the ’80s there were a lot of very talented kids around me. To name a few Don Cheadle the actor was in my drama class and the wealthiest black man in America, Robert Smith he also went to my school. That’s just to name a few. I knew those guys would be somebody they already were, you could feel the energy in the hallways at East High School back then. It was very positive.”

Prophecy is remarkable because he thinks of solutions down to the level of cognitive processes and model networks so that with an amazing product, he and his team can best serve the masses. While this way of thinking has given him a lot of luck, he remains humble and says that he remains thankful because he knows that nothing is promised.

Prophecy has more than 80,000 Instagram followers, but his content is not usual. He uses his Instagram to share his life as a Las Vegas tech mogul and behind the entertainment scenes, tech ventures, and his daily life. He is quick to remind his followers that they should remain humble, no matter where they reach in life. Talking about his team, Prophecy and his team are also space mavericks and have won different awards for technology, media, and entertainment excellence. He says, “We have been awarded the Brand Blazer award by Verizon for being leaders in how we use streaming technology solutions and that is a huge accomplishment for our whole team at Vuuzle.”

For many entrepreneurs, legacy is crucial and prophecy says he is no different from those who dream of leaving an effect on the planet. He says that his vision is to simplify life for others thought the tech solutions he creates and limit the amount of addictive and detrimental technology that exists in his space of expertise.