Creating his unique niche as a young entrepreneur in the shisha sector is Germany’s, Dennis Schwager

The massive momentum he has created for his company through social media platforms also proves his talent as a content creator.

Today, when people discuss about success stories of others, most of the names that emerge are of the many youngsters across the world, working relentlessly in their quest to reach the top in their sectors. Their honesty, uniqueness in work and creative ideas help them move further and above many other established names of the industry as well. Dennis Schwager from Ulm, Germany is currently the best example of a young entrepreneur, who knew what his heart sought and started working towards his goals at a very young age to fulfill all of them one by one. His interest in hookahs and the related topics turned him into a content creator as well through his YouTube channel called Shisha Stabil. However, today he is also popular as one of the successful most names as an entrepreneur, who is successfully running his company Shisha Cloud.

Dennis Schwager was born in 1993 in Ulm, Germany and grew up as an individual who loved sports and trying different things. Dennis Schwager worked as a dishwasher in a kitchen and earned 450€ per month to start earning early in life. Later, he went ahead to start his career as an industrial mechanic; however, all through this, he felt something was missing. He saw the boom in the world of digital media and aspired to be a part of the same. This took him toward starting a YouTube channel called Shisha Stabil with a friend in 2013 that spoke everything about hookahs. By the end of 2015, he was sure to enter entrepreneurship and thus initiated his company Shisha Cloud.

Dennis Schwager confesses that the key driving force for him to become an entrepreneur was that he wished to enjoy a life of independence and wanted to become his own boss. As he saw his business growing, he began with hiring employees and today; he runs a successful company with 30 highly-efficient and passionate employees. Shisha Cloud has gone beyond Ulm and has created a unique space for itself in the hearts of the customers. It has two stores of its own in Ulm and Lindau and two franchises in Illertissen and Günzburg.

The pandemic encouraged the company to grow its business through an online store as well. Even though there is a huge competition in the market, Dennis Schwager is confident about his company’s consistent growth. He points out that all those employees who learned from him and left, started their own stores in the area, but Dennis Schwager and his team believe in always going one step further with providing the most modern online store, the best selection, the best customer support. They put themselves to test every day and improve at every moment. This has turned them into one of the most prominent brands in the industry.

Dennis Schwager is also a talented content creator who remains in constant touch with his customers and audiences. His Facebook has over 40K and Instagram has more than 30K followers, making him an eminent entrepreneur in the industry. 

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