Creative Director Bagio White Discusses the Development of New Enterprise and Magazines

Bagio White isn’t letting his title as creative director keep him from pumping out innovation. Earlier this month, Bagio announced that he will be releasing his media enterprise along with four additional magazines to add to its roster.

On Saturday (10/12/19), at a private gathering with white’s team and press present, White talk about the concept of building his enterprise to host his very own mediums, which will include a full managerial and press department to match.

“I’m building this enterprise all in the hopes on how I can change how we experience print editorials. I don’t think information in linear, especially editorials, it should be presented in a pattern that visual tells a story as well as it does contextually,” White said to the press. The DOPENESS creative director also spoke of crafting a new type of magazine experience that satisfies the need for physical touch and the digitally engaged.

“Our generation is so caught up in the digital age, which is evolution at work, but I feel that experiencing something through feeling is one of a kind,” Bagio said in a press release. “I’m trying to recapture and  embody the greatness of holding a magazine while still innovating the way we produce and present it” This is the first time White has set out to make multiple magazines at once, an unfamiliar feeling for the Jamaican native, but white says he was inspired by the editorial giants. To make sure White Idea is, in fact, practical, White created a mockup of how his new editorial system will work and presented it in a demonstration.

“What I love is its seamlessness. It’s powerfully engaging and visually captivating, but it needs your hands touch and eyes to focus,” Bagio continued. “My entire enterprise will be committed to innovations that aren’t disruptions they’re supplements to the systems that are already there”

And the press loved it: “When I first heard the idea, I wasn’t too sure in the direction that Bagio was going in but seeing it first-hand today, I have to say, I’m really excited for its debut,” Richard Thompson of eNews 2.0 stated. “his enterprise has a really strong foundation, from the mechanics of the new innovations to the way it’s combined and presented. I felt so immersed in the experience, which I believe was probably everyone’s favorite part of his presentation. It really embodies his idea of coordination without elimination.”

In addition to Bagio’s demonstration he also announced the topics of his 4 magazines that he is currently developing congruently with DOPENESS. “My next magazines will center around fashion, Music, Travel and Pop Culture/Lifestyle” Bagio stated. White’s Instagram and Facebook followers will have something to look forward to in the next couple of weeks as he plans to periodically release certain information about his platform there.

You can check out some of Bagio’s work on his website and on social media (@bagiowhite)