Creator Realmannyg Wears Many Hats Successfully

Realmannyg, the Nigerian-American film producer and musician believes to achieve success one cannot risk losing sight of the goal.

One can say probably that is the reason the artist has been doing well for himself whether in books, films or music since he started out. His latest single Universe 4 is a light and appealing electronic track which can be categorized as a chill out, in house powerful soundscape. The listener can immerse themselves and chill in their habitat.

Texas raised musician, Realmannyg creates lyrical paintings through his music. His style is unique and leaves the listener soaked in his musical art. The music builds up slowly with different elements smoothly flowing into each other. The piano music arrangement in the track is terrific from the start and lends a fantastic soundscape to it.

Other than the music the artist is bringing for his little audience a book on finance for children called Alex and Sam’s Lemonade. Through the book he yearns to teach children and adults alike the tricks to growing money. The successful film producer was recently executive producer on the independent films The Cartel Queen and The Boy With The Knife. Previously he has worked as an executive producer of film productions including Residence at Risk 2, The Last Man On Earth, Memento Mori, Honey and Wine, and The Job.

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