Credit Expert Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR Shares Some Ways to Fix the Credit Score

Credit expert Marvin Nathaniel Smith Jr believes a credit score is essential for a person’s financial health. This is because it dictates how well a person manages his credit while carrying out financial transactions.

A good credit score is required for a person to avail of loans for any purpose. The three-digit number can make a big difference in the finances of a person. However, due to the lack of financial knowledge, many people fail to realize the importance of a good credit score.

Marvin Nathaniel Smith Jr is a credit expert and he has even written his book, The Psychology of Credit. Through his firm website,, the credit coach provides a free consultation to help people learn about fixing their credit score.

Pay Bills on Time 

The credit coach says paying bills on time plays a crucial role in improving a person’s credit score. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay their bills on time, due to which they experience a low credit score.

So, every person must pay their bills on time. Apart from this, making frequent payments is also an excellent option for improving his credit score.

Keep track of a Credit Report

Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR believes it is important for a person to analyze his credit report regularly. Doing so can help him keep track of his mistakes and correct them to improve his credit score.

Hire a Credit Monitoring Service 

If he doesn’t have any financial knowledge, he could hire a credit monitoring service for this purpose.