Current Times Prompting Americans To Consider A Career Change

It’s no secret that many adults work jobs that don’t satisfy their financial, physical, or emotional needs. Yet, they stay as a means to afford things their family needs or for medical coverage. Although they want and even deserve more, comfortability, necessity, fear, and other outside factors keep them from making a career change. Believe it or not, this thought process is beginning to change over the past year. 

Today, more and more working adults are taking the necessary steps towards improving their professional lives. Continue reading to find out what sparked this growing trend. 

Job Security

At the start of the pandemic, businesses nationwide were forced to close their doors temporarily. These closures resulted in a decline in sales and a deficit in business finances that prompted owners to make serious decisions. Millions of people were laid off and had to rely on government assistance and charitable entities to acquire the bare necessities. 

As maintaining a job is essential to survival, many Americans begin looking into industries and career opportunities that offered security. They prefer to work in sectors that remained afloat or survived amid the pandemic. For instance, someone working as a manager in a mall retail store might look into positions for eCommerce platforms instead. 

Social Cause

The social climate in the country has changed dramatically over the past year. Sheltering in place ultimately created an opportunity for citizens to get a glimpse of the social injustices and disparities taking place. Realizing the significance of supporting these causes has encouraged people to reevaluate their current jobs. 

The biggest question is, what does their position or the company do to support local and global causes? They are encouraged to look beyond the paycheck and consider jobs that are making a positive impact. Whether it means getting into green architecture, social work, lobbying, law,r or working for a company that donates and supports social causes, they’re willing to make a shift in their professional lives for the betterment of society. 

Workplace Stress

While some people found themselves unemployed during the pandemic, others were asked to work harder. First responders, frontline workers, and essential personnel had to work longer hours and endure more significant risks during the pandemic. As a result, many of them suffered from chronic stress, heightened anxiety, depression, and burnout

The increased stress in the workplace on top of the undue pressure from the national health crisis became overwhelming for many working adults. Ultimately, they opted to switch professions to find something less taxing on the mind and body.  Even if that means taking a pay cut, they realize their sanity is priceless. 

Financial Freedom

The pandemic created a lot of unfortunate financial hardship for American households. The loss of income makes it more challenging to provide everyday necessities. So, they relied on credit products and avoided paying specific bills to stay afloat. Now, they are drowning in debt and unsure of which way to turn. Ultimately, if they’re going to get out of this vicious cycle, they must find ways to increase their monthly income. 

The desire to reduce debt and increase financial security has prompted many adults to consider side gigs and small businesses as a practical solution. In the past year, there has been an increase in entrepreneurship as people use their education, experience, and professional skills to achieve their financial goals. These additional income sources enable them to pay down debts, improve their credit, boost savings, and invest in their future. 

In the past year, a national health crisis gave way to economic hardship and changes to everyday life that aren’t easy to cope with. These hard times have resulted in working Americans re-evaluating their career paths. Current times have created environments that encouraged individuals to think outside of the box when it comes to earning a living. Whether it’s job security, social change, workplace stress, or financial freedom, Americans are starting to make career changes that will enhance their lives throughout the pandemic and beyond.