Dan “The Man” Cancels Utility Prices Bringing SDG&E Customers Peace of Mind During Economic Crisis

“Before we start this interview, I’m going to tell you a secret. I still eat my boogers.”

That’s Dan Williams for you always the comedian at least I think. I caught up with Dan to see how things have been going in his life recently. For those of you who don’t know Dan he is the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Solomon Abraham and Associates Global Executive Search Firm.

Dan is a venture capitalist and Co- Founder of Superxor Quxlity Records as well, but today Dan says that he’s focused on his role as Member Officer at The United Hemp Biofuel Association a Non Profit based out of Medford, Oregon. The associations mission is to build a thriving and profitable hemp biofuel association in the USA.

Dan’s main focus in life is his World Peace objective and now how to incorporate the energy business into his growing portfolio.

“I had to move from Cleveland to Southern California.” Dan says this is the only way he can not only gain more hours in his work day but also learn more about the marijuana industry and how the plant can save the world from extinction.

“Bill Gates has already said that global warming is more deadly than Covid 19 and I listen to anything Bill Gates says.”

Dan assured me that he was not joking and told me that I could bet my boogers on it.

Just recently Dan has partnered with Edward Washington of Solnova a leading solar energy company based out of San Diego California. They are exploring the different benefits a homeowner can receive by “going off the grid” and cutting the utility companies monopoly on customers home energy costs.

“We have come up with a way to cut a homeowners energy cost in half with zero upfront cost. Green energy is a no brainer.”

Dan told me that 1 out of every 5 homeowners he has personally met in the field since relocating to San Diego agrees with him. His calendar is filling up fast with appointments with homeowners to place the inexpensive life saving panels on their homes.

“The sun is a gift from God duhhh.”

Dan is the man. If he can’t do it no one can. Next Dan delegated his VP of Sales and Marketing DJ Merixsa to work directly with United Hemp Biofarmers members to showcase their products on her upcoming reality series “Rising Stars” which will be featured on The Big Gold X streaming platform as well as My Hemp TV which has a reach of over 65 million viewers worldwide in over 193 countries.

Last we checked Jonathan Crisp aka Pharaoh X had been driving cross country searching for his soul while headed for Las Vegas to shoot and direct DJ Merixsa’s show.

“John is a deep dude he needs his space to create. I think maybe he was a shaman in another life.”

Dan tells me that 2021 is going to be big and that his mastermind group is developing new plans and thinking outside of the box to the point where nothing is off the table.

“Anything is possible because money is starting to become less and less of a problem. Now we are starting to turn investors down because we have our own funding. We have to be selective because at the end of the day it’s about who fits our culture and we put God first over here young brother.”