Danish Artist, Jen Eagle, throws Light on her Journey in the Entertainment World in an Interview

The rising Danish model and musician, Jen Eagle, is on her journey to bring something entertaining for her audience. She inspires her fans with a dose of quality music crafted with multiple genres. It is rare to find a star these days who really carries a message for her fans but Jen Eagle is the one who works on it.

She is following her passion in the entertainment industry to not just make herself count but also to fill everyone with zeal to prove her mettle. We had an interaction with the Danish star and she threw some important light on her journey in the entertainment industry.

Please tell us about yourself. 

I am a Danish electro-pop artist who loves to make music with multiple genres. My deep passion for music since my childhood time made me dive into the music world. Along with working as a singer and songwriter, I also produce music and record my vocals in my home studio in Copenhagen. In addition to working as a musician, I am also into modeling and I have been a model at Scoop Models of Scandinavia.

You have a resemblance to Lady Gaga. Is there any specific reason for it?

Well, it’s just that I love her style very much and it appeals to me.

Where do you introduce your music for the first time? 

The first time, I released my self-composed music was on the music platform, My Music.

We would like to know about your musical works. Please throw light on this. 

I have worked with many producers and released many music tracks in my musical career. Some of my popular tracks are My Child, Want Your Love, Ka’ Du Se Mig, Flyv Med Mig, Drum My Beat, Watch Me, Hvor Er Du, Gi’ Mig Mer’, and Love Boy.

Recently, I released my new track titled, “You Are Beautiful” for which I collaborated with the famous African producer Herbert Skillz. You can easily find my music on Spotify.

You did a lot of fabulous work as a model. How difficult is it for you to manage both music and modeling together?

I was passionate about music and modeling since I was a child. In the beginning, working as a model gave me positive results and I got opportunities to travel around the world for many major fashion brands. However, modeling is all about being a product and the intense competition just left me to feel dead from inside. And it appealed to me to pursue music with more seriousness in the year 2014. My old unpublished music motivated me to do so.

What message do you convey to the audience with your music?

My music tries to convey the message that one should accept oneself the way he is. One should not beg for acceptance and one must feel confident enough to stand out for his principles or beliefs. In my recent release, “You Are Beautiful”, I have tried to convey a strong message to accept one’s uniqueness without caring about others’ opinions.

Listen to the track “You Are Beautiful:

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