David Karli’s Vision of a Biologics-Led Future

Regenerative medication is a promising treatment for orthopedic medical procedures. For patients suffering from both chronic and acute pain, the extending scope of non-invasive orthopedic procedures accessible is strengthening. While medical procedures like total knee replacement produce superb results and are possibly the best decision for certain patients, the world of regenerative medicine is a distinct advantage for sportspersons, athletes and those looking for day by day living relief from pain. Technological and Innovative advancements in tissue engineering, gene transfer, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and, stem cell therapy are compelled to redefine the field of orthopedics.

With the goal of leading a biologics-intervened future, Ivy-trained physician Dr. David C. Karli founded Greyledge Technologies in 2010. Entirely self-funding the business, Dr. Karli leaned onto his entrepreneurial skills and organic marketing, which led to Greyledge Technologies’ success.

For Dr. Karli, entrepreneurship is an ever-lasting process of executing ideas and providing insights on a unique convergence of versatile fields like medicine, science, social media, software, and technology. Though Dr.Karli’s medicinal practice went through the traditional path, over the years, his interests and curiosity evolved along with his idea of intervening his passion into a single platform. With Greyledge, Dr. Karli has proved that the integration of versatile fields is a part of the progressive way of living. From the idea on a napkin to scaling and growth, Greyledge Technologies is an intervention of age management, fitness, nutrition, orthopedics, and regenerative medicine.

What is Greyledge Technologies?

Today, the aging people, sportspersons, and active patients look to regenerative treatments that allow them to come back to their life activities rapidly, with minimal constraints. To address these issues, Greyledge Technologies is centered around giving early intervention answers for patients who are hoping to come back to their day-to-day lives, with an expansive range of treatment alternatives supported by clinically proven data. Safe, effective, and minimally invasive, Greyledge’s innovative regenerative therapy treatments ‘are based on biologic materials, processed from human blood and bone marrow. These biologic preparations are further developed and inserted into the human body replacing the diseased cells hence, stimulating the healing process and self-repair.

About Dr. David C. Karli

Dr. David Karli moved on from Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, in 1993. Followed by accepting his MD degree from the University of Maryland, he sought after his residency in physical medication and restoration at Harvard Medical School, where he filled in as a chief resident in his last year. While serving as an attending physician at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Karli teamed up with his orthopedic specialist associates and partook in the development of rehabilitation protocols for spinal issues. He joined the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, where his exploration intrigue drove him to take up Regenerative Medicine and effectively create and launch Greyledge Technologies. This company focuses on autologous blood-based biotherapies for orthopedic injuries.

In his 23 years of experience, Dr. Karli has authored several research papers and publications on stem cell therapies and rehabilitation and lectured on spinal and musculoskeletal topics. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Also, Dr. Karli is an active member of several societies, including the Regenerative Medicine Organization., the American Academy of PM&R, and the International Spinal Injection Society. 

On asking his opinion about the public distrust in regenerative medicine, Dr. Karli said, “At Greyledge Technologies, every patient is completely assessed and analyzed not only to guarantee that they’re fit to undergo the procedure yet additionally to create a personalized dynamic strategy that each patient can follow. The whole treatment takes a certain number of days wherein the family members and caretakers are informed about the medicinal dosages to follow after the procedure. After surgery, every patient is regularly followed-up by the rehabilitation team. “

Dr. Karli believes that Regenerative Medicine has never failed to showcase its promising outcomes since its inception. It continues to stay and be the driving force in the healthcare industry as the science and technology behind this field is real and innovative. Regenerative Medicine will continue to address unmet demands in surgical care in the years to come.