DEADLY FRIENDSHIP Written by Mabelle Prior will Make a Great Impact in Film Industry

Mabelle Prior

Readers of the Book DEADLY FRIENDSHIP are putting pressure on Mabelle Prior to come out with a film

DEADLY FRIENDSHIP, an interesting book with suspense story is into the news for the excellent work of the author, Mabelle Prior. And readers of the book are asking the author to make a film on the story of this book. However, no response is issued by the author, Mabelle Prior to this subject.

Expectations of people are high for watching A Tale of DEADLY FRIENDSHIP in cinema. Even people are claiming that Mabelle Prior has already started shooting for a new film based on her book, DEADLY FRIENDSHIP.

On investigation about this subject, it is found from her PR that Mabelle Prior is currently busy working on her third book. According to her PR, she will interact with her audience and reveal about her upcoming projects sooner or later.

DEADLY FRIENDSHIP is a suitable choice for modern lovers who don’t prefer to read long books. It only contains a few pages and the book sums up an intense, suspense, captivating story in a short manner. It is a perfect book for today’s generation who loves to read short books in a limited time.

The story of the book, DEADLY FRIENDSHIP surrounds a beautiful and kind-hearted young lady, Selinam. She belongs to a good home but falls a victim to deceit, lies, betrayal, and false love. Without knowing about the bad consequences, her family had wholeheartedly accepted a demon in their house.

Both Selinam and the Amenyui family showed unconditional love for Agbanator, a young sex-trafficking prodigy. But in return, they were manipulated and used badly. Agbanator didn’t show any regret in controlling the people who accepted her and ruined their lives with her lies, facade, and lust of stardom and power. But, at last, the wheel of the time revolved in such a fashion that it balanced everything.

DEADLY FRIENDSHIP is now available on Amazon and one can check the Instagram profile of the author, Mabelle Prior mentioned below.