Dental Franchising Designed for the Independent-minded

The most independent-minded often find it difficult to understand why it might be better to be part of a larger team where more minds have (positive?) influence on strategies to take, and the outcomes associated with those choices. Being part of a team can certainly have its advantages, but keeping everyone rowing in the same direction can often be all-consuming of time, energy and resources. So often those who strive to do whatever they are doing better choose to go about it on their own. This occurs because they feel that if they don’t have ownership of the situation they won’t have the control they desire to affect things the way they want to. Those with a true entrepreneurial spirit find it difficult to work for someone else because when they see an opportunity to evolve or grow, depending on who they are working for, their hands might be tied. When driven by an inner desire to do better it is inevitable for frustration to ensue. Those who strive to do better put themselves in a situation where they are unable to do so only so many times. They either stop working for others, or find someone else to work with who is on the same page in this regard.

There are many reasons to adore the FLOSS Dental brand, but more doctors are choosing to own a FLOSS franchise because they trust they’ll be able to grow and evolve their practice how they want to, with great help along the way. The company has been taking steps since inception to not only extend the promises of the brand across a vast network that extends nationwide, but to also provide its doctors with the tools and resources to evolve the services they provide and the flexibility to do so. What FLOSS doctors learn day-to-day can be shared across the network and they can compare notes with their peers, all being a part of a larger team with the same mission. It’s a perfect environment where dentists are able to add their personal touch to anything they do while always benefitting from the knowledge and efforts of a larger team. The owners in the group really understand what they have. Every owner in the network once felt if they put a logo or company name on their marquee other than their own, the benefits that come with it might not be worth it. The longer a FLOSS owner owns their location, the further they embrace and understand what they’ve invested in. They go from being very protective of what they know about their industry, to wanting to share it with the other owners in the network. The ‘work together while remaining independent’ nature of everyone who makes up the larger team in the network of dental practice locations is something that can be felt just by visiting a FLOSS location now. It’s difficult to fake the feeling that is put off by an individual unit of a business giving off that it’s part of a much larger mission. When we asked FLOSS Dental CEO Dr. Michael Tran what he’s proudest of at this stage in the company’s growth, he said ‘It’s when I overhear someone talking about a location I do not manage day-to-day but hear the things we’ve talked about and hoped patients would say about us one day coming out of their mouth.’ The company truly wants for the dentists that own locations to personalize the experience patients get and for it to feel authentic and real. However, they also want for the brand to be known for a few things wherever they go. If every time someone interacts with a team member they get a vibe we intended, we know enough about strong brands to know that will carry us a long way. Dr. Tran wants the experience offered at every location to feel inviting and familiar. He also wants the dentist’s office to be a place where people look forward to going. High bar? We think so, too. We have talked to Michael and his team enough to know that they don’t intend to lower that bar any time soon.

Dental or Otherwise, Great Ideas Get Shared

For some it really doesn’t matter where a great idea comes from as long as it’s a great idea. For others it’s really difficult for them to get behind an idea unless it’s their own. A big strength of the network of locations that already make up the FLOSS Dental brand is that the owners of those locations are able to find a great balance in this area. Sure, if you own a FLOSS Dental location you are likely to be strong-minded, opinionated and meticulous about how you do things. The company won’t offer a franchise to someone who has any lesser outlook on things. But the other thing that leadership looks at when deciding on whether or not to sell a license to a new franchise owner is whether or not the owner exhibits a balance in this area. The company wants owners that are not afraid to grow, evolve and put their mind into what they’re doing. They also want those looking to benefit from the work of many other smart people working together with a team mentality. FLOSS owners are great at finding this balance and understand what they have. Truly, they have the best of both worlds — the ability to keep control of how they run their practice while benefitting from the collective efforts of a team.

The buying power they are able to put behind everything they are doing because they are part of a larger group buying technology and supplies is the icing on the cake. Imagine being able to own your own practice while leveraging all of the advantages of being a part of a much larger entity. Imagine no more — it’s all possible with FLOSS Dental. The company set out to create a model that would allow owner/operators to enjoy all of the benefits of being independent while never feeling like they were part of a big corporate conglomerate that slows down evolution and limits their ability to grow. The model, now proven successful, is growing in interest among doctors in the industry every day now. The company said the new inquiries it is getting nationwide from potential new FLOSS Dental owners is on a steady rise. Being able to be choosy about who owns the next FLOSS in a market was always leadership’s goal. They are there today.

About FLOSS Dental:

FLOSS Dental is the fastest growing retail dental brand with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Their success is underpinned by the brand’s promise to always provide A New Experience in Dental. With almost a dozen units operating in north Texas and beyond, the company has been making consistent investments in growing the brand nationwide. New FLOSS locations are currently being developed in Georgia, Ohio, and the US Virgin Islands. For information on Floss Dental visit, and FLOSS franchising visit