Dental Offices Stay Open Amid COVID-19 Comeback

Las Vegas, NV – Amid the recent uprising of COVID-19 and the second round of shutdowns for some coastal states, dental offices are finding ways to manage to stay open. In Las Vegas, NV – that we can use as one example – dental offices are mitigating any added spread of the virus by implementing multiple newly added procedures. Minimal number of patients in the waiting room, appointments have become a necessity, while walk-ins aren’t as welcomed as they once used to be.

In Las Vegas, dental offices are becoming as robust as ever despite the constant state the country is currently in. Additionally, across the country dental practices are only growing and slowly getting back to business. Just a month ago, a jobs report was released that pointed out the 190,000 new employees in the dental industry. These were new hires and previously employed, nonetheless, it was still 190,000 in 30 days or less. It isn’t just a testament to the strength of the economy; the dental industry gets to gloat about this one too.

When speaking with Dr. Suffoletta of Functional Aesthetic Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV; he mentioned that the uptick in patients is great for business but that it also shows the need the community has for basic and comprehensive dental services. As he stated, “During the shutdown, we were only allowed to provide essential or emergency related services. Anyone with basic or comprehensive but non-emergency dental needs had to wait until the cities and states reopened. We are glad that things are being compartmentalized this time around so that our patients can come to us to get the care they need.” He added, “We’re very happy to be able to provide an essential service, it’s also making us more creative for our patients by implementing new non-insured plans, for our non-insured patients”.

Across the country the story seems to be similar in dental offices in South Tampa Bay and Palm Harbor, FL. While the dentists are staying open in this area, the consensus across the Nation is that distancing is the new norm across waiting rooms. Hospitals and dental offices rarely have patients in the office waiting room anymore. In some cases, you are required to stay outside of the building to wait in your car until they are ready to see you.

Even with all the obstacles that are presented, more and more dental offices continue to open in cities across the state. While the up rise in cases can be alarming, it proves that without a vaccine, alternative methods are a must in a thriving economy. Whether those methods are therapeutic or material in nature, implementing all available options may be our only option for the moment.

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