Designing as a Team, Facilitation Apps that Make it Work

We live in a world where digital has a bigger impact on our day to day lives than almost anything else. Increasingly companies are harnessing the power of digital to promote growth. A key part of a successful digital transformation is employing tools that allow your digital consultant, along with the rest of the team, to work together and make the most impact possible.

Not all ‘digital facilitation’ apps are created equal. Some are geared toward managing ideas and workflow, while others are focused on the details of interface or interaction designs.  Most transformation projects employ several apps to make work efficient in multiple domains.  In choosing your tool-set it is always best to weigh the options and see just what each app has to offer.

  1. Primary – is an online design tool that offers the ability to design and structure your digital presence to create the most impact using a technique called agile modeling. models your applications as user flows so that you can see before writing any code how your app is going to work. This app allows for true collaboration and can be accessed by several team members at once so that you can come together to create something magical.
  2. Sketch- Sketch is a digital design tool kit that allows users to create, make prototypes and collaborate with other users. This is a platform that is intuitive, that allows for real progress, and that allows you to design with real data rather than stock data. It features OpenType variable fonts, responsive symbols that fit your content, as well as a vector editor, fast prototyping, and more. If you are looking for a design tool that offers real collaboration, this is the one for you.
  3. Figma- this design tool offers an easy to use interface that does allow for real collaboration between team members. It also offers the Arc Tool and Vector networks so you can keep working and do not have to stop to install new plugins while working. It features a modern pen tool, instant arc designs, and you can also use OpenType to outfit your app with the perfect font every time as well as auto-layout for automatic resizing and auto adjustments with Smart Selection to quickly adjust your space. You can design and test prototypes at the same time, and it is a fast app that is going to work well for a wide variety of digital consulting professionals.
  4. Trello- Trello is incredibly flexible, something that is highly useful with a wide range of teams. You can work with multiple teams at once, you can see information at a glance and you can add due dates and attachments to projects, and you can also go from ideas to actual working prototypes in a matter of minutes. Trello encourages asynchronous teamwork and is accessible anywhere. You can also connect tools from your design stack that are already in use like InVision, Dropbox and even Figma and Google docs so that all your work in one easy to access place.
  5. Zeplin- this app allows for a major improvement in communication and collaboration between design teams and engineers. It offers highly reliable and accurate resources, allows for Sketch, Adobe, Figma, and even Photoshop integration so you can use all the tools that you have on hand so that you can truly create a project that is going to change the game. This app brings a range of different apps together and does allow for true collaboration to help complete any project seamlessly.

When it comes to choosing the right app for your digital consultant and for your particular team, it is always best to consider the options and to truly take the time and find out which is going to fit your needs best. Our world is quickly changing and digital is more important than ever. With the right digital app, you can make a huge impact and grow your business.