Despite Postponed Shows and Projects, Entertainment Star Leon Budrow Holds a Positive Outlook for 2020

COVID-19 has been majorly disruptive to the course of mankind, leaving a significantly negative impact on work, business and personal well-being.

Despite the hard times, emerging music icon Leon Budrow has maintained a positive outlook towards the current situation with a refined, uplifting lifestyle, which he utilizes to elevate his mood and maintain positive the health during this hour of need.

Like any other business, Leon Budrow’s performances and shows were equally affected by COVID19.  As a result, he had to postpone his winter tour and other scheduled performances.

With many businesses being shut down, Budrow stays productive working for GNC, an essential business which provides many healthy products such as immune support and other vitamins.  Meanwhile Budrow has drafted a great way of living that helps him improve and maintain his mental and physical health.

Though the core of his day begins with his morning routine, which is galvanized by a quick kettle bell workout, Budrow states that the key is really about mental health.  The workout, though physical, kickstarts the day mentally by waking up the mind and body, creating momentum for the tasks to come.

Budrow also maintains a positive outlook by controlling his personal space, stating that a clean and clear workspace not only helps de-clutter the area but also helps prevent a cluttered mind.

Installing new habits can be quite challenging, but Budrow has been making the best of this time to work on new daily habits such as listening to audio books and nightly meditation.  He has also been making great use of his gym set up at home, which includes a full bench press weight set, dumbbells and kettle bells.

With more free time in this quarantine, Budrow has been working out quite often to reach his ideal fitness goals.

Regarding what Leon has in store for the rest of 2020, he states he is just as unsure as the rest of us, but is excited to get back on stage and hopefully release some new music later in the year.

Now that we have no other choice, Budrow says we need to make it work.  Don’t stop working towards solutions to keep yourself going.  Budrow encourages us to be grateful for what be have, respect our bodies, and work towards achieving the best mental and physical wellness we can to remain positive during this time.

This is exactly the kind of motivation we need from an influencer like Leon Budrow!