Digital Solutions for Online Wedding Planning

In less than a year, you’ll be walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life. With so many things to do and so little time, you’re wondering how you’ll get everything done for your big day. Between your hectic schedule and the current health crisis, completing your wedding checklist is challenging. You’ve thought about postponing your wedding, but your desire to start this next stage in your life and the uncertainty of when things will get back to “normal” convince you to find a solution. 

The good news is, you can plan your wedding despite current times. Believe it or not, technology in the wedding industry has evolved so much that you can get most of your wedding planning done online. Continue reading to learn how. 

Time Management and Checklist Tools

You’ve got so many things to do with so little time. Time management and wedding checklist tools can ensure you don’t miss a beat. Tech tools like digital calendars and task managers make things more manageable. If you already have these applications, use them to record important dates and tasks. Some sites offer digital wedding checklists with detailed steps and suggested timeframes, which can be useful for ensuring you don’t overlook things of importance. 

Wedding Websites

There’s a lot of information that needs to be disclosed to your wedding guests. A wedding website makes sharing details with your guests. You can design and send digital invitations, upload information about the reception menu, list any dress codes or rules, provide directions to the venue, share your wedding registry links, and provide details on your honeymoon. 

Once you’ve created the site, send the link to your guests. They then have real-time information on your nuptials and can plan accordingly. Many sites allow guests to RSVP, shop for gifts, and donate money. If there’s a change in the plans along the way, simply update the site, and your guests will be notified so they can make adjustments. The best part is, many sites offer this for free or at an affordable rate. 

Video Conferencing Software

From checking out wedding venues to meeting with vendors, getting around to plan your wedding isn’t safe during the pandemic. Video conferencing software, however, provides a practical solution. You can schedule virtual tours of ideal wedding venues, have remote meetings with wedding vendors, and even plan group chat sessions to consult with the bridal party. 

Online Shopping

Running from store to store shopping for things for the wedding puts you at risk. Fortunately, you can shop for whatever you need from home. Online shopping has increased in the wake of the pandemic. Whether you’re looking for a wedding dress, jewelry, or ceremony and reception decor, you can find just about everything you need on the internet. There are, however, a few things you’ll want to keep in mind: 

  • Start Early – Supply chain issues and increased demand during the pandemic have caused some online retailers’ challenges. If you’re going to get what you need in a timely fashion, you must start shopping early. 
  • Shop Local – Another way to ensure your wedding items arrive on time is to shop with a local vendor. If they use manufacturers in the US, supply chain issues are less of a problem. 
  • Review Return Policies – Many vendors have changed their return policies to protect themselves amid the pandemic. Before deciding to shop on a particular site, review their policies to ensure you can return anything, you’re not satisfied with. This step is especially important when shopping for things like bridal party attire. 

Current times have created some obstacles for couples planning a wedding. While businesses have reopened in many states, most have a capacity limit and operate on different hours. Not to mention, in-person meetings and increased interaction with the general public puts you at risk. Fortunately, digital solutions like those described above make it easier for you to plan the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing your health.