DJ GQ – The Powerful Voice That Echoes in The Heart and Penetrates the Minds with His Subliminally Melodic Music

Swaying heads along with the mystical rhythm of music and getting lost in ecstasy, music lovers know exactly how it feels. Music is often referred to as drugs because of the mesmerizing and intoxicating effects it leaves in the hearts and minds of the listeners. Science justifies music’s heartfelt and moving impact by explaining that music can trigger certain neurochemical systems and brain structures that directly affect emotions and mood. Knowing how empowering music is, it is of great importance and challenge for the artist to produce such a masterpiece that could revolutionize not only the music industry but its listener as a whole. The power of music and its healing effects on people is an undeniable fact. Making listeners feel the same emotions and putting them in your shoes is, indeed, an art not many are capable of. Only the greatest artists of all time can create such a powerful blend of music with perfection, among which DJ GQ stands out the most. Being the recipient of the accolade like the “DJ Of The Year” award at the Film, Recording, and Entertainment Council (FREC) Awards, Gary is born ready to revolutionize the world of music.

Behind the mystical impacts of the music is the magician who produces it with his powerful spell, and Gary Hardie is the prestidigitator, a passionate performer, and a remarkable entertainer of all time. This 43-year-old artist was born on August 10, 1978, making groundbreaking efforts and recognition in the hip-hop, reggae, and EDM music industry with his outstanding talent. Having made a profound change in the industry with his intriguing music and being a hallmark of empowerment, he took his talent to the next level that he is being recognized as “Mr. Let EmKnow” after giving unorthodox performances in front of crowds over 40000 people at shows like DUB car show in Los Angeles.

Having started his career at the age of 14, the aspiring Hardie has worked with phenomenal artists like Akon, Skip Marley, Rick Ross, DMX, Kevin Lyttle, and many more. It was his resounding success that led him to have the honor to be nominated for multiple awards like Global Spin and South Entertainment awards, to count a few. His interracial and intercultural music broke the records and made it to the top of the Billboard US Reggae Albums Chart. His trailblazing blends of culture in his songs diversify and change the music norms with his sick beats, and his four-track debut EP, ‘Is It You?’ happens to be one of those.

Life is full of surprises, and so is Hardie’s. Although he was always so passionate about making and listening to high-end music but making a future career out of it was a concept alien to him. Hardie has always been fond of music, but he never imagined that he would, one day, be the King of the stage, captivating thousands of music lovers with his raucous and impactful music. He has looked up to several honorable artists of the time that inspired him in some facets of his music and fine-tuned his talent to bring upon a perfect recipe of the rich, hip, and glorifying music. However, his echoing talent and unwavering determination led him to discover the hidden artist in him that made him develop an ever-lasting and unbreakable solid connection with the music industry. And it was Jamaica where this deep-felt connection pulled him towards perpetual success and became the breaking point for the King’s music career. 

Music hits different when you can relate to either its lyrics or to the journey of the artist himself. And Gary Hardie is the epitome of utmost dedication and hard work since such a tender age. The King of hip-hop and reggae is blessed with innate talent, ready to make one’s bones shiver with his powerful and sick beats and revolutionize the music industry with his electrifying music, being an ultimate motivation for youth to leave behind their sluggishness and go for their true passion and reach the precipice of greatness!