DJ Xclusive City is taking his DJ set to Twitch

DJ Xclusive City to bring you unforgettable DJ sets that will be streamed to the world on Twitch. He is the first of very few high-profile DJs bringing their live streams exclusively to the Amazon-owned platform, where he will continue to build his streaming career as a radio personality and professional DJ.

With all tours and events grounded because of the coronavirus, artists have been using livestreaming to stay close to their fans. Now, superstar DJ and producer DJ Xclusive City has figured out a way to play for real people and fans online – plus raise awareness for social injustice and Black Lives Matter in the process.

Whether he’s behind the decks or behind the scenes, Xclusive City is one of those people who simply makes things happen. An Orlando, Florida native who up until recently due to the COVID-19 Pandemic travels around North America. Xclusive City was born in Providence, Rhode Island.  He started playing music when he was only twelve and nowadays, not only DJs on the radio at 104.5 The Beat (WTKS) and iHeartRadio, while deejaying celebrity parties at the biggest night clubs, but also for the largest music festivals around North America.

Every Thursday through Sunday night at 7 p.m. UTC-4, Xclusive City will stream 2-hour sets live from Orlando, Florida.  He will be set up right inside his home studio, so people can watch on their smart devices from all over the world. Each night he will be curating a different vibe, with his popular mix shows (i.e. For the ‘99 and the 2000s, Reggae Rockaz, Zouk 2 Gouyad, R&B Rewind) live on Twitch with non-stop music.  Xclusive City will be playing the latest tunes as well as your favorite songs while engaging with the online audience.  Featured artists and DJs will also participate in these live streams as periodic guests with live performances and interviews and the purpose of the initiative is to share his platform with upcoming artists and DJs to help build their exposure globally.

While he’s looking forward to the return of live performances – which he thinks won’t happen until some time – he’s keeping busy working out, producing songs and, believe it or not, learning how to trade in the stock market and create generational wealth.

Get ready for a party in your living room with DJ Xclusive City during quarantine.

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