Don’t Fancy A Surgical Facelift? Well Dr Dev Patel is Your Man

Dr Dev Patel gives us the low-down on the amazing OGEElift®

It may amaze you to learn that in this age of growing narcissism on social media, rates of those seeking many cosmetic surgical procedures, have fallen. Why? Non-surgical options are evolving at an astonishing rate; increasing in safety, efficacy and popularity. 

One man who can certainly speak with some authority on this, is Aesthetic Skin Doctor and Anti-ageing expert, Dr Dev Patel. He is Founder of the UK-based, multi-award winning skin clinic, Perfect Skin Solutions. He also runs a training academy teaching other doctors and more recently founded a new in-clinic skincare line, CellDerma®

So what is the OGEElift®? Dr Dev Patel explains, “The OGEElift® (pronounced like the letters…’O’ and ‘G’ followed by ‘lift’) is defined by an approach; a way of assessing and treating a patient’s face, to achieve a youth-giving lift with wholly natural-looking results. The Ogee curve comes from mathematics and is likened to the natural curve seen on a beautiful young woman’s face when seen from an angle. This curve goes from the area lateral to the eye and slopes down the cheek to the mouth. By restoring this curve, or at least taking my patient closer to their ideal curve, one can really deliver a powerful impact on the objective beauty they give off. I achieve this with dermal fillers, primarily Radiesse, as this also stimulates collagen and elastin production in their skin. I always wanted to get away from the term ‘dermal fillers’ as this draws so many misconceptions and fears, due to all the awful, over-done faces we see in society; understandable when you consider that most people offering these services are under-qualified and very poorly trained.”

What can one expect from the OGEElift®? “There is quite an assessment process first and at least one thorough face-to-face consultation (now happening virtually which is not ideal but good enough to make a plan). On the day of treatment, there is very little my patient has to worry about. They just lie back and relax with their eyes closed and I crack on. 40-60 minutes later, they walk to the mirror and and get that ‘wow’ effect. (For some, it may take a few days to sink in). I tell patients that I am aiming for subtle but significant results; lots of tiny covert changes on the face to collectively give a truly natural youth-restoring beautification.” 

What about the men out there? “The underlying principle of the Ogee curve applies to a female face. A male face is approached quite differently; certain hollows and shadows are reinforced whereas on a female face, I would want to soften these. However, I treat a lot of men and use the same products and techniques but aiming towards a different mathematical outcome (ratios and proportions). At the core, I have the same goal….they should look fresher and healthier to those around them, but no-one should be able to detect they have had a treatment.”

For more information, visit and you can follow his personal account on IG @drdevpatel1