Dr. Cat’s role as a female plastic surgeon and on breaking the stereotypes

According to research, only 15% of female plastic surgeons are in plastic surgery, where the majority (95%) of plastic surgery patients are women. Plastic surgery is still a heavily male-dominated field, making it a common misconception that plastic surgery is a man’s world. As per a study by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery- Global Open, the female-to-male ratio of plastic surgeons is approximately one to five.

There are multiple reasons women do not choose plastic surgery as their career, despite having the majority of female patients. A few of the main reasons are the number of years involved in becoming a plastic surgeon, choosing between motherhood and plastic surgery, lack of mentors for female plastic surgeons, and more.

But despite these reasons and misconceptions revolving around plastic surgery being a man’s world, women are breaking barriers and achieving tremendous success as female plastic surgeons. One of such strong and inspiring women is Dr. Cat Begovic. Dr. Cat is board-certified, one of the most famous female plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, California.

In an interview with the Authority Magazine, on being asked about the reason behind this current gender ratio gap being a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat shares that from an early age, women are taught to get married at a certain age, have kids, and focus on being a mother and on the daily chore. And another contributing reason is that the journey of becoming a plastic surgeon is long.

In her own journey of becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cat faced several challenges. The biggest struggle she shares she faced was people’s judgments and their misconceptions. People judged her for her appearance and looks, saying that women who look like her do not become doctors, even after holding a medical degree in her hand. Others asked if she is an actual doctor or just someone who works under one.

Dr. Cat shares that becoming a plastic surgeon is a difficult and long road- for anyone, be it a man or a woman. But being the only woman in her program was especially challenging. She could earn the respect of her colleagues as a female plastic surgeon was by delivering the highest performance amongst her class and her peers.

But despite facing so many challenges, Dr. Cat made it today to be a leading and highly reputed female plastic surgeon. Her biggest inspiration was her father, who helped her navigate forward through her journey. Apart from her skills, her discipline, courage, passion, and excellence towards being a plastic surgeon are what got her today in this position.

In her personal blog on her website, Dr. Cat shares that she discovered herself and started coming out of her shell as a woman with every step of becoming a plastic surgeon. With every surgery, she could find her purpose of being a plastic surgeon.

Today, Dr. Cat realizes her role as a female plastic surgeon. Being a woman herself, she is able to connect deeply and emotionally with her patients and understand where they come from and their grievances. Plastic surgery is an intimate process, and no one can understand and make a woman feel more comfortable than a woman.

Through her social media and other media platforms, Dr. Cat encourages women and young girls to go after their passion in life. She shares that women can do it all: have a successful career and maintain a healthy and intimate family relationship with the right balance. She openly talks about certain plastic surgeries like vaginal cosmetic surgery, which is considered taboo in many places.

A few years ago, in an interview with Medelita, Dr. Cat shared that she never forgets her privilege or takes for granted the fact that women trust her with their bodies and their health.

Dr. Cat understands her responsibility and delivers excellent and natural-looking results to her patients. She truly is an idol and role model for aspiring female plastic surgeons who continue to inspire women with her never-giving-up attitude, skills, and incredible passion.

To learn more about Dr. Cat, check out her website: beautybydrcat.com.