Emerging American Musician, DRAMAFLS, has Embarked on a New Journey with his Own Clothing Brand, DIREKTÈ

Thiery Kern Sanon, popular on stage as Dramafls, is an American music artist and songwriter. Born on 4th July 1987 in Pahokee, Florida, Dramafls has worked with many leading artists namely BigFa, Steves J Bryan, Zoeydollaz, Biggystal, to name a few.

After making big news in the music world, Dramafls has now embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with the launch of his clothing brand, DIREKTÈ. He founded it in 2017 and he wants to make the Haitian brand famous in the international market.

Dramafls is gaining popularity as a music director and he recently dropped a new single, “Rale Bagay Feat. BigFa”. Its music video got mainstream success. It made the music artist release another single, “Sway” feat. Steves J Bryan, Young Flock, and BigFa.

Dramafls has not just gained popularity as a producer but he has also gained popularity as a music director. The musical soul uses his emotions and aggression to put energy into his music. Owing to his strong technical skills, Haitian people named him as one of “the Cleaver Haitian Musicians”.

Dramafls has the expertise to embed three or more languages (French, English, Haitian Creole, etc) into his music flow. The American musician is making a big name in the music world with his videography work in music videos by working with reputed Haitian & American artists.

The Miami, FL-based music artist is bringing a new sound to the Haitian generation in Hip-Hop. His performance at the Stunna event in Miami, Florida rocked social media. And it inspired him to work on a music project titled, “Yo Pap Konpran’n Vol.2″. 

With his own clothing label, DIREKTÈ, Dramafls is writing his own story of success. He has a long way to travel on the path of success.