Emily Mayhall Hester’s Past Life

When readers first meet Emily Mayhall Hester, she believes she’s just an ordinary human being, unaware that she was a powerful druid priestess who protected the planet from total devastation in a past life. A thousand years ago, the druid Awen saved the life of William, Duke of Normandy, after prescience warned her to do just that. Upon giving the duke the kiss of life, Awen felt an intense connection between them, a primal longing that drew her to him. This unfamiliar feeling made the druid nervous. No premonition could’ve prepared her for the burning desire she felt for the duke. 

Forgot What You Thought You Knew 

When the duke came to, he was confused. His men had been slaughtered, and he himself had been gravely injured, yet here he lay without wound or scar. Awen explained how she had saved his life using druid magic. William recoiled. He’d been taught that magic was evil, and some would use it to hurt him. Now here one stood, claiming to be a druid when the church had spent generations eradicating them.

Despite everything William had been told about practitioners of magic, he sensed no evil or malice from Awen. So, was everything he had been told wrong? Was the church’s campaign predicated on a lie? 

The Hero We Need

William asked Awen why him of all people? But he was not ready for the answer she would give. The druid priestess had foreseen a war that would unleash a terrible evil from below the Earth’s surface. The prophecy predicted that William was instrumental in saving the planet. This sounded ludicrous to William. After all, dukes weren’t all that important. It was much more likely that the druid was lying. He needed to escape. But something about the sensuous druid drew William deeper. An irresistible attraction follows – as if nature itself had destined the two to come together as one. 

Read Awen Rising Today

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