Endorsing Innovation in Robotics with Monster Bolts

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship…the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”
― Peter Drucker

Being innovative is a feat that requires immense dedication and hard work. From everyday goals to comprehensive business ventures, numerous systems and types of technology assist in accomplishing modernization. One key high-tech region that is thriving with modernization with every fleeting minute is Robotics. The fields of manufacturing and computing are rising in today’s world, driven by technology. It is vital to teaching individuals of the future about the evolving technology and ready them for the burst of information. With the unrelenting requirement for technology responsiveness, many authorities have encompassed programming and computing as essential in their educational institutes.

Moving steadily with Monster Bolts

“You have to take your own bold approach, and if you do, you will be rewarded with success.

― Steven Moffat

Training about robotics and programming will empower students to reflect wisely and inspire them to be resourceful and think inventively. Many companies take on Corporate Social Responsibility which results in a better future for the upcoming generations and young minds. A US-based fastener eCommerce business, Monster Bolts, has utilized its online platform to allow youngsters to be innovative and original by donating to a local high school robotics team “Out of The Box Robotics,”. With its foundation in the industrial field, Monster Bolts identifies the necessity for novelty and expansion.

Monster Bolt’s president Jeff Keichline-Graber is a tech genius who has smartly navigated his hunger to bring modernization to the forefront. He is linked with the arena of robotics, and he is also constructing a viable world for the future. The business was created in 2012 as Diablo Tuning specializing in customized, upgraded screws and bolts for guitarists. Jeff expanded to general use fasteners and rebranded in 2015 as Monster Bolts, and finally Monster Bolts, Inc. the start of 2021. It carries a wide-ranging array of fastener & related products, including US and metric screws, washers, electrical connectors, nuts, deck screws, and hand tools. Most Monster Bolts customers are based in the US and Canada who regularly utilize its products and appreciate the hassle-free usage.

Carving the path of success

“Innovation is an evolutionary process, so it’s not necessary to be radical all the time.”
― Marc Jacobs

Jeff is a Gulf Breeze, FL resident and businessman who truly believed that eCommerce was going to revolutionize our daily buying behavior. “When I first started buying on eBay in 1999, I saw how unique that buying process was and how this was absolutely the future. I soon started selling guitar parts on eBay as a hobby. That later became my entire income source as this weird niche hobby developed into a full-time business. In 2012 I switched gears completely and started the business that would eventually become Monster Bolts from the spare space in my garage”. Now, he has a global digital fastener company that sells bolts, nuts, and screws that is now expanding into a profitable, budding venture. Jeff has fought through adversities, as all new ventures do with maintaining revenue, cutting losses, and staying under budget. Mostly, he has moved ahead successfully because he gives respect to the individuals he is associated with. “My unique business model is simply to value the human in those that work with me here at Monster Bolts,” Jeff says.

COVID-19 was a major dent in the expansion of Monster Bolts and jolted the way business is conducted globally. Since Monster Bolts is entirely online, he continued to safely aid clients because Monster Bolts is a digital venture that could complete orders without jeopardizing its employees or the overall community. The initial period of COVID-19 came as a learning opportunity as the world was slowly adapting to the dreadful revelation of masks, sanitizers, and quarantines. 

Being a sign of change

“Being right keeps you in place. Being wrong forces you to explore.”
― Steven Johnson

Jeff looks after his employees’ well-being and welfare as he says that if there are any health-related issues or personal commitments, he is more than willing to adjust. Through this procedure and arrangement, the employees feel significant and respected as there are boundaries and balance between work and personal life. Many companies believe that an individual’s disability or emotional state of affairs is an obligation. Monster Bolts has created innovative solutions to allow workers to prosper and elevate the company’s success.

Through the achievements, Monster Bolts has completed two of its humanitarian visions to help society evolve and encourage STEM. Monster Bolts has contributed with an optimistic approach to youth Robotics Clubs and has been a backer to Valkyrie BattleBot twice in a row. About the whole experience, Jeff says, “We regularly donate fasteners to youth groups who have robotics teams and the like. ‘Out of the Box Robotics’ is one of these groups that has gone on to do amazing things for our youth.”

Then, in 2020, Monster Bolts aligned with Valkyrie to offer outstandingly solid and sturdy fasteners to the team. Discovery Channel BattleBots, which runs the program on their platform, has a massive following, and Jeff is aware that STEM topics are an integral part of what increases interest in youngsters. Monster Bolts has been phenomenal when it comes to assisting the youth build their future. Jeff has built a solid foundation and allowed the future generation to prosper and thrive, which will prove remarkable in the long run.