Entrepreneur Idrees Kickz on How He Founded and Scaled Four Online Businesses Simultaneously

He has risen to the top of Canada’s entrepreneurial world with his empire ‘Woiair’.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a lot of youngsters with capabilities and talents that turn around heads across industries. They exhibit their ardour and zest for their areas of interest and later even turn to entrepreneurship for becoming successful. They are selecting one-of-a-kind paths and running fastidiously to make the profession of their choice. One cannot deny the upward push of the sneaker reselling space across the e-commerce arena. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz, a Canadian teen, made all this viable for his profession and emerged as a gen-next e-commerce sneaker entrepreneur at 19 years of age.

For a few people, dreaming about creating a profession of choice and accepting the various opportunities that may come along with it or creating newer ones is what they desire in life. Idrees Kickz belongs to this section of people who believes in creating opportunities for himself and who for his love for shoes grew to be an entrepreneur being still under 20.

Idrees Kickz comes from Toronto and was born in 2001. As a kid, he felt obsessed with all sorts of shoes and footwear and usually dreamt of making a profession across the same. As a younger teen at just thirteen years, Idrees Kickz understood the importance of the boom of the e-commerce space and consequently commenced running in the direction of the same. Buying and promoting a few stuff online helped him step by step to become a sneaker reseller.

In 2015, he determined to show his interest into something which could assist him in acquiring the wealth he desires. For this, he first offered uncommon collections of famous sneaker and shoe manufacturers and resold them for a few profits. This early step into the business world helped Idreeskickz begin his brand called ‘Woiair’.

Woiair today stands tall as an empire created by Idrees Kickz that operates into various online business verticals, including sneakers, merchandise, real estate and digital agency.

He totally is in love with his businesses and thus has been riding high on great success at only 19 years of age. To know more do follow Idrees Kickz on his social media handles, Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/YouTube @idreeskickz.