Eric Birdsong, From Serving in the Military to Being a Certified Speed Trainer

“Life is what you make it.” 

Everyone has, at one point or the other, heard from others what is best for them. Whether its education, career choice, or interest, people often try giving a direction to others, which comes off as a strong order. By the time the individual reaches the end, they regret listening to anyone in the first place.

However, there are people who realize the importance of “life” and “what it can be.” So, the only advice they give out to others is, “Follow your heart.” That is all anyone wants to hear because, more than often, the heart knows what a person dreams of being and becoming.

The best example to be given in particular regard is of Eric Lamont Birdsong, a veteran who didn’t limit himself from pursuing his passion. Today, the world knows him an exceptional sports mentor, who works hard and is dedicated to assisting students who are ready to pursue a career in sports.


Eric Lamont Birdsong was born on March 11, 1980, in Saint Louis, Missouri, to Regina Ann Birdsong and Eric Birdsong Sr., a U.S. Army veteran who served on active duty for 26 years. Being a military kid, Eric moved a lot as a child and had a handful of military experiences as his father’s dependent.

In 1998, Eric graduated as a high schooler from Continental Academy and decided to follow his father’s footsteps by joining the Army. The following year in June, he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

From June 1999 to November 2004, Eric served on active duty in the U.S Army. In 2003, he deployed to Iraq for war under Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“Being in the military was challenging, fun, sad, adventurous, and rewarding. I’ve traveled the world, seen different places, and experienced different cultures. Being exposed to different things has helped me keep an open mind.”

For the next eleven years, Eric served on active duty and the reserves, where he was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, Fort Lee, Virginia, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Fort Bliss, Texas. In October 2006, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army, becoming a Noncommissioned officer.

His efforts were recognized an was awarded several badges and medals, including the Army Service Ribbon, U.S. Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, Global War On Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War On Terrorism Service Medal, and National Defense Service Medal. Eric is also a proud holder of the Combat Medical Badge and Air Assault Badge.

While still in the Army, Eric gained leadership skills, and he became self-disciplined. Even though some experiences throughout were quite challenging, he is honored to have served and protected his country.

Eric also met great people, with whom he has formed close relationships. He also learned unmatchable skills and lessons from his mentors, which he puts to use to this day, and is grateful to have served in the U.S. Army. In 2010, Eric was medically retired at the rank of Sergeant after serving eleven years in the Armed forces due to injuries sustained in Iraq.

After his retirement, Eric earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management from Trident University, Cypress, and graduated in 2016. The following year he earned his Master’s degree in Business from the same institute.

Eric is married to Adriana Birdsong, a licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist. They have three kids, Demaijah, Isaiah, and Faith.


From when he was very young, Eric had a fondness for sports. He’s always been into playing sports, but his favorite sports were football and track & field, which was quite evident during his high school days. But after joining the Army, his interests were sidelined, and he focused on serving his country. After he retired, he decided it was high time to do something more.

Eric’s eldest son, Demaijah, was not just passionate, but also exceptionally well at sports, just like his father. He started as a football player in middle school and even ran track, with the dream to establish a career as an athlete. Eric hired several trainers to help Demaijah grow as a player, but everyone failed, and Eric decided to help his son himself.

Eric spent tons of time reading books on anatomy & physiology, sprinting mechanics, and physics. He even attended paid seminars to acquire knowledge from Olympic coaches and professional bodybuilders. Soon after, Eric took up a training course and became a certified speed trainer in 2014.

Eric’s efforts and Demaijah’s dream didn’t go in vain, and the kid was able to earn athletic scholarships offers from multiple colleges. Demaijah won all his races the junior year and qualified for the regional 100-meter race. Demaijah was one of the top sprinters in Texas in 2016!

Watching his son be successful ignited a spark in Eric to help other kids who shared the same dream as his son, and he decided to be a coach/speed trainer and has helped many kids achieve their desired goals.

Finding room for improvement, Eric gained more knowledge and read books about the working of the body, muscles that had an impact on speed. Gathering all his ideas, Eric decided to write a book, “Speed Creates Opportunity,” which is scheduled to be published in September 2020.

Speed Creates Opportunity is a guide for athletes, which will give them tips on how to become faster, while also introducing smart running techniques, training tactics, and workout routines that Eric used while training his son. The book is an insider of all the events that took place in El Paso, Texas, between 2014 and the present. The book will also guide students in researching a university website, that will give them some of the information needed without having to call or email a college coach.

Eric began his life with not one, but two interests and his life is proof that he has been successful in achieving both. His story narrates pictures of hard work and passion, enough for anyone who is looking for a little motivation to move forward.