Escaping the Rat Race: The Gianluigi Ventre Way

Many productivity and self-help books tout the notion of escaping the rat race or the dreaded nine-to-five work schedule that still persists years after the Industrial Revolution. However, no matter how many authors or gurus seem to have figured out a way to do so, most people across the world are still trapped in strict eight-hour shifts, whether they’re working inside or outside the office.

More often than not, those who have succeeded in escaping the rat race are born rich or have enough funds in their coffers to afford to live a less rigid life. But, there are still those who have successfully done so through sheer persistence and determination. One such guy is Gianluigi Ventre.

Gianluigi Ventre is an Italian serial entrepreneur who has worked his way from being a smart poker play, to a boxer, and all the way to becoming a fund manager and real estate investor. He’s now living in the Canary Islands, free from the confines of an office. But how did he do it? What steps did he take to achieve his success?

Investing in Experience and Skills

At the early age of 19, Ventre had already developed an atypical interest in mathematics. He used this to win at Texas Hold ’Em poker, by having the inherent talent to figure out winning strategies and plays. He took this to the next level during his university days when he built his first automatic system that made it possible for him to enter several tables and competitions and win big each time, using the exact same strategies he had in mind. The bot allowed him to make pretty accurate predictions of the card plays, which caused him to bag third place in a competition in Australia.

But that was not enough for Ventre. He soon left the comforts of his home to venture out into the world and learn more about economic and financial markets. Gianluigi saw himself move from country to country, from Switzerland to Australia, and from England to Thailand, until he reached the United States. During his travels, Gianluigi took odd jobs to feed himself and his dreams. He did not shy away from the challenges of being a salesman, a PR officer, a tanning chemist, and even a professional boxer. But upon reaching America, that’s when the young man decided it was time to figure out what he really wanted to do in life. So he chose to become an entrepreneur.

Diving Deep Into the World of Business

Using his winnings from his initial gaming experience and the amount he earned from his first trading successes, Gianluigi started his first company, an investment firm that would change the way people think about brokers and investment in general. Instead of joining the bandwagon of so-called experts who promised quick and unrealistic results, Ventre built his company based on trust and transparency. It was clear that he wasn’t just interested in the money he was about to earn, but also in helping his clients avoid the same mistakes he made before.

Not long after, Ventre made a name for himself not just in trading, but also in selling his own products. He was able to be successful in that regard not because of an excellent marketing strategy, but by merely being real to his clients. Gianluigi showed them that he had his life figured out through his travels and the way he lived, which allowed many people to trust him. The word quickly spread, and he was offered to be a fund manager in Cyprus. As a seasoned investor, Ventre was able to grow the fund to 240%.

Ventre’s way of escaping the rat race is among the myriad of ways to get out of a boring life. He showed that by believing in himself and taking steps to achieve the future he wants, he became financially independent. The best part about this is that he’s willing to share everything he learned through his business.

To find out more about Gianluigi Ventre and his enterprises, visit his website or contact him through Instagram at @gianluigi_ventre.