Estate Agents of the VIPs – Rayni From Williams & Williams

Women are powerful, and when they set their minds to something, they do not rest until they have achieved it.

They are sensitive and strong at the same time, while they are exemplary individuals when it comes to raising kids and creating a home, they serve as dynamic leaders in a corporate setting.

Whether it’s politics, STEM, corporate sector or the real estate world, women are dominating the industry with their elite leadership skills and powerful mindsets. When talking about the real estate world, specifically, Jason Oppenheim, Josh Flagg, Mauricio Umansky, Ryan Serhant, and Madison Hildebrand appear at the top of the list. While this sector is not ‘male-specific’ or ‘male-dominant,’ not many female real estate brokers appear in the list.

Fortunately, the world is changing, and women are appearing at the frontline of several sectors, and real estate is one of them. Women like Jade Mills, Katrina Campins, and Heather Altman are making their way to the top in the real estate sector. Another lady that is appearing in the limelight is Rayni Romito Williams, the co-owner of Williams & Williams Estates Group.

Williams & Williams Estates Group is a prominent name in the high-end real estate sector of California. Rayni Williams, who looks upon Maya Angelou, like her hero, has taken her real estate company to the top of the industry. Not only is she the co-owner of the estates group, but she is an active contributor to its rapid success.


Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on December 24, 1979, Rayni has Italian roots and has become one of California’s

top real estate brokers. Despite being from a family of developers, Rayni did not pursue a career in the field and went for journalism instead.

To step into her journalism career, Rayni went to Los Angeles, California. While she was at it, she found exposure in the lending business. She worked on both of her careers, which helped her establish a diverse professional portfolio.

It is indeed true that life has its ways to bring an individual right where they belong. It creates circumstances and situations which ultimately lead one to their true destination. The same happened with Rayni when she landed at a job at Beverly Hills-based brokerage firm. Even though she did not have much experience in the industry, outshining her fellow brokers did not pose a challenge for this passionate woman. Rayni belonged to a family of developers, and it helped her excel in the industry.

While working in the real estate sector, Rayni met Branden Williams, who was active in the sector. This broker-duo worked wonders for the brokerage firm and brought some of the most notable deals in town. The partners fell in love and got married on January 7th, 2014. It was after they tied the knot, they realized that they could start their own brokerage firm; hence, the founding of Williams & Williams Estates Group.

Rayni supported her husband in building the company from scratch and was equally responsible for the agency’s growth. The couple aimed the high-end market, and in April 2018, Williams & Williams broker-duo hit a career milestone when they closed a deal for the Richard Meier beachfront house in Malibu. It was a $110 million sale,

the highest home sale for the tony beach town. It changed the course of their career, and it helped him build a dynamic network of VIP clients.

The VIP and celebrity clientele that Rayni and her husband have been able to develop includes top individuals, including Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lopez, Max Martin, Jennifer Lawrence, Sydney Holland, and many others.

Rayni, who is also a mother besides an LA’s top broker, serves as an example for the world. Even though she is one of the best estate agents for the VIPs, she takes out time for her 2 young children. She takes her personal life and professional life seriously and has set her priorities straight.

She stated, My proudest moment was after having my first child and realizing that I could be both a hands-on, devoted mother and a successful businesswoman. About five months after giving birth, I realized that I could really do it just like the strong women before me, including my mother, my grandmother, and a list of entrepreneurial women who I deeply admire. It was a very surreal moment when it all clicked that the whole theory that women

“can’t have it all” just isn’t trueWomen can have it all. You can be an amazing mom and a fantastic leader in the workforce in whatever you do. In fact, I am better at both because I have a mother/business dichotomy.”

Throughout her career, this woman has sold more than $7 billion in real estate, and she is not stopping anytime soon. In addition to her strong profile, this superwoman is an advocate of the use of technology. She realizes that tools such as social media platforms are invaluable to this industry and that is why she dominates the social media game as she has established herself and her company as top entities on these platforms. She has also been on an expert panel discussion for Inman’s luxury Connect to talk about how she found success on social media.

Rayni Williams has been recognized for her contributions to the real estate sector. The powerful, professional, and woman with elite entrepreneurial skills, she has been featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Top-Producing Agents, Variety’s Real Estate Elite, and The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Real Estate Agents. In addition to this, she was named as one of LA’s 500 Most Influential People of 2018 by LA Business Journal.

The highly-accomplished real estate broker is creating an example for all women who are skeptical of joining the real estate sector. She manages her home as well as the business with absolute finesse.