Evan Tsaboukos Is Changing the Handicapping Game in Australia

Opening an investment company isn’t an easy undertaking as it is, let alone one that specializes in teaching its clients to master the sports and horse investment industry, but 24-year-old Evan Tsaboukos isn’t afraid of taking on massive tasks. The ex-engineering student has his sights set high with his company, The Cash Kings. While his first business, The Cash Kings, is still where he’s focusing his primary efforts right now, Evan is also hard at work getting his three other companies, Cash Kings Central, Cash Kings Forex, and Mining Store, off the ground.

By the time Tsaboukos created The Cash Kings, he had already made his fortune in horse arbitrage. The mathematical genius was able to use his skills and knowledge to outwit the bookmakers who normally bring punters down and result in major losses. He knew that if he applied his knowledge of statistics appropriately and took a logical approach, he could beat the system. That approach served him very well, and he knew he had a winning idea that could benefit other punters in Australia, too.

Usually, people would try to hoard the wealth and certainly wouldn’t ever think of sharing their investment strategies in such a highly competitive industry. Tsaboukos has never done things the normal way, however. So instead, he launched The Cash Kings, a company with a unique business model that focuses on educating its clients and providing them with the means to make their own investment decisions. “What we teach is literally unknown in Australia. Not many punters know they can actually start winning consistently with sports/horse handicapping investments. Most Australians who risk it all constantly lose money. Our business model teaches them how to start winning with predictability and low risk,” Evan says.

Part of this stance on openness and transparency comes from his background. Evan had to step up and start taking care of his family financially after his parents divorced. As the oldest of five, a lot of the responsibility shifted to his shoulders, and he did everything in his power to care for his family. Those family-based values have made their way into his business ethos as well, and not just in the way that he approaches his business model, but also in his hiring process.

Having a good team to rely on is everything for Evan. He stresses that, for any business owner to be able to get to the next level, they have to start delegating the tasks that aren’t as crucial to growing the business. Later, when trust has been built, some of those bigger responsibilities can be delegated to key players. When Cash Kings hires new team members, they always look for enthusiastic younger individuals who love talking to people. “In our industry, clients love having a good chat. It’s important to be able to connect with potential clients authentically and confidently,” he says.

Evan’s biggest piece of advice for other young entrepreneurs is that they should invest in their operation and appreciate assets instead of taking money to live in more luxury themselves. He maintains that the wins he sees now directly result from him pushing all his time and resources into his company instead of splurging on big-ticket items. Take a look at his Instagram page @evan.tcks, for more info on The Cash Kings and his entrepreneurial journey forward.