Evolvement of ‘The Normal Company’: Cameron Farthing’s Journey to Prosperity

The journey of an entrepreneur is characterized by a spectrum of diversity. There are multiple levels of difficulties, roadblocks, and procrastination but the result is more often than not highly rewarding. Businesses that are currently thriving were once comprised of struggling beginners. This raises the thought that flourishing entrepreneurship requires determination and undivided attention. Similarly, Cameron Farthing worked tirelessly until he finally created his digital marketing agency ‘The Normal Company’. He maintained a clear vision towards his goals and is now successfully running his company at huge scale..

Cameron Fathering embarked upon his journey when he dropped out of college at the age of 17. He was passionate to earn on his own and gain independence. First, he borrowed a loan of 12,000 pounds from his father and enrolled in a training institute for commercial divers. The job was dangerous and demanding in terms of hours, and his exhaustion made him realize he wasn’t passionate about it. Whilst he was still working, he began searching for ways he could make an income online. He tried out various options before stumbling upon the e-commerce and digital marketing industry. He worked on developing a Youtube channel and after that, he worked on buying and selling Instagram accounts, followed by affiliate marketing and reselling sneakers. 

Once Cameron Farthing discovered drop shipping and e-commerce, he felt determined to test it out. He launched an e-commerce store and developed an effective business model for it. Within his first month of launch, he was able to generate a profit of 4000 pounds. Within 10 months his profits began to exceed rapidly. The profitability suggested his business model was designed accurately. The success that followed made it clear to him that he had set foot on the right path and to provide this business with undivided attention he quit his job as a commercial diver. He launched several more e-commerce stores that brought him profits that surpassed 6-figures and provided him with the realization that Cameron had finally found his direction in life.

Once Cameron Farthing was affirmative about permanently joining the e-commerce industry, he established that digital marketing was his strength. He chose to pursue digital marketing and worked alongside some of the top digital marketers. He gained a great deal of knowledge about the different types and ways to digitally market brands. He aspired to become one of the top digital marketers in the industry. This led him to develop a digital marketing agency that could help global brands accelerate their profits and generate more revenue. He wanted to use his expertise in the advertisement on social media as a way to strategize and scale the growth of brands from all around the world. 

Cameron Farthing co-founded his digital marketing agency, The Normal Company with his partner Myles Broom. Their experiences and comprehensions of digital marketing combined to make their agency hugely successful. They both moved to the same block of apartments in London and designed a plan to help brands scale to all time highs. They both possessed the interpersonal skills required to communicate with their clients effectively. Their clients began to grow as it was apparent that their purpose was to connect with these companies and help them accelerate financially. They are known to develop a systematic plan to use a company’s true potential to assist in their growth. Since then, The Normal Company has made a tremendous amount of positive changes for many brands. For example, they have taken a brand from $40,000 in monthly sales to over $250,000 within 5 months. They believe that with the growing e-commerce industry it is becoming harder for brands to maintain their digital presence. They acknowledge the uniqueness of each brand and use it to benefit them accordingly.