Excelling in Business Management through Experience – Prominent Entrepreneur Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed

Excelling in a particular field requires knowledge, expertise, and skills acquired through education and experience. Education and experience are essential and complementary because they equip an individual with the knowledge and practical expertise related to an occupation. Although education provides the prerequisite knowledge and concepts related to a field, professional experience offers hands-on training and development. Experience is the best teacher because it provides knowledge and skills according to industry trends rather than relying on books that may not cover all professional aspects. Professional experience is also necessary for developing communication, management, and leadership skills because people learn how to interact, communicate, collaborate, and lead people in workplace settings. Although many people start working after graduating from college or university in their respective fields, some individuals start early and have a head start in their lives. 

Working from a young age enables one to accumulate significant experience by the time others graduate from college and become experts in their fields when others are just starting. Acquiring significant experience makes people experts in their fields and enables them to offer advice and consultancy to others on how to work and succeed effectively. Many individuals who start working at an early age become experts and give consultancy and advice to others on setting up and running businesses successfully. Starting and running a business is challenging for many people just starting, and consultants can play an essential role by offering valuable recommendations. Business consultants have significant experience and expertise and work with clients to develop, maintain, and improve a company. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed is a business consultant who offers expert advice and support to entrepreneurs and businesses through his substantial experience.

Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed is an entrepreneur and ITQAN business setup company founder. The company helps investors and entrepreneurs set up and operate companies in Dubai and other parts of the UAE while offering assistance and support in various phases of company formation. An entrepreneur and business manager, Ahmed knew the challenges of starting and maintaining a company and began ITQAN to help budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals by offering advice and consultancy. Born on April 6, 1981, in Aden, Yemen, Ahmed spent his childhood and went to school in his hometown. As a teenager, he started working in his father’s business rather than spending time with his friends like others his age. Ahmed developed a knack for business management from an early age due to his involvement in the family business and kept working throughout his college and university life to acquire experience. He worked in six branches in different locations while managing operational activities for his father’s business.

The entrepreneur has an engineering background and completed an engineering degree in 2004 from the University of Aden, focusing on electrical and computer engineering. However, his passion and love for business kept Hamzah Ahmed engaged in business rather than seeking jobs in the engineering field. Ahmed managed a team of 55 employees in his 20s while enhancing his leadership and management skills. He later joined one of the largest retail and real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, the Fawaz Alhokair Group, in 2008 as an area manager. A crisis in his life compelled Ahmed to rethink his priorities and focus on developing his own company to meet financial obligations and responsibilities. He converted his dream into reality by establishing ITQAN Corporation in 2012 while assuming the role of the company’s CEO. Ahmed’s rationale behind establishing the company was to help others through his successful experience developing and running a business.

Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed illustrated through his professional career that experience plays a vital role in shaping and developing a person’s skills and expertise. Although he completed an electrical and computer engineering degree, Ahmed utilized his experience to develop a career in business management. The business management experience acquired from various business management and leadership roles enabled Ahmed to understand entrepreneurial challenges and help others avoid those problems through consultancy. He used his substantial experience to influence and support entrepreneurs and investors from numerous countries, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, and the USA. Ahmed established ITQAN corporation to employ his expertise and experience to help budding entrepreneurs and investors develop and maintain businesses in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. His company helps people invest in UAE by offering support and advice regarding various phases of establishing and registering a company. Mohammad Hamzah Ahmed portrayed throughout his career that acquiring experience plays a vital role in professional success rather than merely earning academic degrees.