Exclusive Interview of a Stables Manager Mr. Abdullah Salem Obaid Mohammed Al Kaabi

The horse enterprise is a captivating enterprise however it’s a fulltime process that includes quite a few works. Not simplest do the horses anticipate human care, however, amassing all of the important data approximately the horses and retaining all statistics additionally takes time and energy. Good strong control is consequently now no longer a luxurious however a necessity.

Mr. Abdullah Salem Obaid Mohammed Al Kaabi is a Stables Manager. He is a well-known trainer of Asifah Stables 2 Ascol. Mr. Abdullah Salem Obaid lives in the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Abdullah Salem Obaid worked as manager of the Stables of the Tempest 2 Skol in the Emirate of Dubai, and he also a knight in the stables of M7, returning from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. During his interview, he explained “In quick solid control entails all horse control activities. It consists of exceptional factors inclusive of care, shelter, exercising, scientific follow-up, and so on. Good solid control is likewise vital for the wellness and fitness of the horses. After all, horse proprietors and caretakers need to usually be privy to the wishes of their horses. For example, every horse has its personal feeding schedule, needs to exercising regularly, obtain education and a few horses even want unique scientific care.”

Mr. Abdullah Salem Obaid Mohammed Al Kaabi said that “every horse desires its very own area to face upright, to show comfortably, or to lie down. Providing and handling this area is likewise the obligation of solid managers. They see to it, for example, that the consuming trough does now no longer leak withinside the solid, that the stables aren’t broken so the horses can pass round properly without getting injured, and so on.” Competition horses should be absolutely organized for the shows. This doesn’t simplest contain the education of the right equipment, care, and the software of defensive bandages for shipping however additionally making sure that the horses were well vaccinated. In addition, quite a few administrative and organizational responsibilities are concerned with getting ready for competitions. For example, passports should be looked after in addition to flight schedules, a truck should be available, resorts should be booked and the opposition entries should be absolutely arranged.

Mr. Abdulla Salem Obaid Mohammed Al Kaabi is an experienced trainer he spends much time of his life with the horses he can easily understand the horse nature, behavior, and problems. At the end of his interview he said that “now, in the technology of innovation and technological progress, easy verbal exchange approximately strong control isn’t always a stumbling block. You can simplify your strong control thru digitalization and as a result worksa greater efficiently. For example, a strong control software program permits you to coordinate and talk all sports in and across the stables. This way that you could accumulate and manipulate all statistics concerning the health, nutrition, and education of your horses in a single place. Moreover, you continually preserve a clean assessment of all costs, invoices, media, and you could examine and file your data.”