Fallout 76 Player Builds a ‘Looking for Group’ Hub Outside the Upcoming Vault 94 Raid

The Vault 94 raid will commence on August 20th. Here, four players can participate and all of them can tackle the puzzle-based challenges together. However the players do not have the right to enter inside vault. But they can physically stand around and queue up outside the vault. Players in Fallout 76 are also building elaborate, funny traps to meanwhile send the bodies flying in the air. The overall scenario turns out be very heart warming. You get to see what one player does to welcome new mates. Up to what extent they could go is very enthralling.

Fallout 76 is loaded with updates in 2019. ‘Bringing in player shops’ and ‘a battle royale mode’ are a few popular updates in the market. Then later this year there was a new addition of the big Fallout 76 Wastelanders update. Prior to this it was Bethesda who had a couple of multiplayer content planned. ‘Group raids’ was there in two previously locked Appalachian vaults. It seems Reddit user “SouthBeachSarcastic” is currently occupied in gearing up for those raids.

Currently Fallout 76 player is at the verge of building their version of a LFG (looking for group) hub which will be seen right outside Vault 94.

Fallout 76 says in their Reddit post that they are very keen to have a social space for everyone. This space will enable them to get together and share their findings. In addition to this it will also help in gearing trade and meeting new people. It seems the players of Fallout 76 players always look around to find ways for making the Appalachian wasteland a bit friendlier.

On the other hand, the LFG hub of SouthBeachSarcastic’s sounds like a swell place to kick back before and after raids. They are equipped with infinite number of workbenches, facilities of a cool and calm bar, social lounge, and have a good number of instruments.

Currently Fallout 76 lacks an independent LFG tool in the game. Possibly with the upcoming Vault 94 raid it may become a popular request. Let us hope that this player’s idea for setting up shop outside gains recognition.