Famous art curator, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Behnood Javaherpour throws light on what helped him succeed.

Creating robust brands like Behnoode, his clothing brand and Behnoode Foundation, his art museum, this passionate man has thrilled the world with his art and fashion sense.

Things are getting tougher each day, looking at the trying times the world is facing, especially for the ones who are just starting out and are vying to be a part of their chosen industries. People say industries right now lack the right opportunities for the up and coming talents as they are still working towards regaining their momentum lost during the challenging times of the world. However, Behnood Javaherpour, who is a well-known fashion designer, art curator and entrepreneur, has a different opinion. He says that people who are determined to find their definition of success do not wait for the right opportunities but walk their path and create opportunities for themselves like he did many years ago when the world did not even face disturbing times.

The man who helms his successful brands, Behnoode Foundation, his art museum and Behnoode, his clothing brand, reveals, “Even when industries were not disrupted as they are today, many years ago when I was a teenager, I started on my own. I always believed that opportunities need to be created by our own selves, and that’s how we create our own success story.”

Below, the fashion and art genius explains, what according to him, helped him succeed in his journey.

  • Being passionate: There is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve if you really love your work, says Behnood Javaherpour. Being in love with fashion and art and consistently innovating in these industries has what helped him succeed so much.
  • Being consistent: Behnood Javaherpour asserts that whether you are a fashion designer, an art curator or a businessman, you must be consistent in your work. This consistency goes a long way in helping people get nearer their goals and visions in life. His consistency in creating newer and breathtakingly beautiful designs helped him come to the industry’s forefront.
  • Being positive: Developing a positive mental attitude is extremely vital in helping individuals become successful in life. This attitude helps people fight the many challenges on their path and helps them emerge as true winners in their respective industries. Behnood Javaherpour worked around the same, and this positivity helped him thrive incredibly in his career as a versatile talent.

Behnood Javaherpour has also made a special place for himself in the hearts of many for his philanthropy work for underprivileged children and wants everyone to do their bit through their work to make a difference in society.

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