Fashion industry transformations

The two key elements that will decide and change fashion trends in the future are sustainability and digitization. They will be impossible to avoid for any brand or shop. Sustainability and digitalization are not opposed. Many sustainable innovations can only be realized through digital methods. The defining mega-trend in fashion is sustainability. However, although adopting organic cotton may help you portray yourself as a sustainable brand a few years ago, today’s customer demands much more. It’s about reducing the carbon footprint of products and businesses and attaining climate neutrality, which will soon be mandated by law – or, better still, climate positivity. 

The fashion sector includes a broad range of smaller and more specialist industries. People frequently associate it with retail/online businesses, design firms and brands, and fashion periodicals. However, other artisans and industries are involved in clothing production. Those who create and sell fabric and notions are evident, but there are also flower makers, embroiders, sewists/tailors, and many others. Models, stylists, hair stylists, make-up artists, model agents, photographers, and a slew of other non-fashion businesses all contribute to the greater fashion ecosystem. 

The concept of fashion as just meeting a need is no longer valid since the current clothes business sees its purpose in developing, manufacturing, promoting, and marketing style based on desire. Franklin Eugene International is a multinational design firm and aspirational lifestyle brand that transforms experiences through men’s Alta moda (bespoke/haute couture), men’s and women’s Italian leather accessories, men’s luxury and ready-to-wear, a hand-picked assortment of high-street clothing, and global humanitarian endeavor. 

How large is the fashion industry?

The global fashion business is enormous. According to statistics, the global clothing market is expected to rise from 1.5 trillion US dollars in 2020 to 2.25 trillion dollars in 2025, representing a massive increase.

The fashion and textile sector employs around 430 million people worldwide or one in every eight individuals. Because of the abundance of textile manufacturing in Asia, a major portion of this labor exists.

Franklin Eugene – A designer and a Filmmaker

Franklin Eugene is a well-known designer and film producer who is still creating waves. Franklin Eugene switched his attention to fashion and began building his distinct brand, Franklin Eugene, with a public debut in Dubai in 2012. After ten years, Eugene has built various private and public collections and expanded within the creative community as a producer on several previous and prospective films.  

Diversity and distinctiveness of masculinity

Franklin Eugene set out to make men’s fashion as prominent as women’s fashion, inspired by the diversity and distinctiveness of masculinity displayed across the world. Franklin Eugene is a co-founder and current member of Common Objective, a worldwide technology solution for the sustainable apparel industry. His fashion label’s basic themes are sustainability and love. Sustainability – the corporation employs business procedures that minimize the environmental effect, such as sales and distribution techniques that avoid extra product waste and the usage of organic textiles. Love- is illustrated through the company’s various endeavors in the domain of corporate social responsibility. 

With the Franklin Eugene brand rapidly flourishing, the designer drew the attention of many in the fashion business. Franklin Eugene International LLC was honored in the LUX Excellence Awards in 2017. Eugene received the Best Luxury Design Designer award, boosting the relevance of men’s fashion in a society renowned for focusing on women’s fashion.

The ongoing legacy 

“Love, Gilda” launched Franklin Eugene into the film business and continues to boost his profile and objectives in the fashion sector. In the same year, the short film “Eight” was released, as was “The Shepherd” in 2019. “The Shepherd” received several nominations and over 25 prizes at film festivals around Europe and North America. Although the year 2020 turned most of the world upside down, Eugene made a film titled “Attack of the Unknown.” A science-fiction story about a SWAT squad being assaulted by aliens while carrying the head of a deadly crime gang. “Attack of the Unknown” would also win multiple accolades at the Shockfest Film Festival in the United States. 

Franklin Eugene most recently graced the red carpet wearing his own fashion label in favor of the newest Brendan Fraser film, “The Whale,” at the 79th Venice International Film Festival. Eugene appeared alongside the actors and crew to express his support and solidarity with everyone involved and the film itself.