Florida’s famous Architect Gloria Kloter set high standards in 2021 with her firm Glow Architects

Architecture starts with a concept – and the masters of architecture not only set out on radical ventures into the unknown; they also made it back with pearls of sheer elegance and incredible inventiveness.

When we talk about famous Architects or best interior designers, one name which is now standing out tall in the top list is Florida’s Entrepreneur and famous Architect and Mom Gloria Kloter founder of Glow Architects. She has shaped many memorable projects.

Architecture is arguably the very framework that clads our community. Gloria Kloter has experience of more than 16 years and she is an award winning Architect. Gloria and her work is appreciated by many top magazines worldwide. She comes with an amazing new concept which stands out as true master craft, and that’s the reason for her popularity in Florida, Dominican Republic and worldwide.

Glow Architects is rated as the best Architect and Interior Designer company in Florida. Thanks to Gloria and her team, who work passionately to create masterpieces for different places, She is becoming the most influential architect of our time and creating a legacy which very few will reach.

She has been part of awesome projects which are influencing our society towards a brighter future. Gloria is now the recipient of the AIA Tampa Bay Kelley Emerging Professional Award 2020, an honour award given to individuals who have proved excellent service above self to champion the causes and issues of associate members and young architects, the chapter, local community organizations and beyond.

With her vast experience, dedication and genuine care for helping others, Gloria is currently the NCARB’s Architect Licensing Advisor for the State of Florida through AIA Florida. She is part of the board of directors of the AIA Tampa Bay where she’s the founder and chair of the Women in Architecture (WIA) and Young Architect Forum (YAF) committees. 

With her vast experience and expertise, she is always called for conferences in Architecture and seminars as a speaker. Recently Gloria hosted a seminar for the NCARB’s Architect License Advisors community and has been invited to be a Keynote Speaker at the upcoming Western Mountain Region Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico to speak about women in Architecture and Leadership.

Today she is a proud MOM, and she is becoming a thriving young woman entrepreneur in Florida. It is a tough one year ahead for her as she has to take care of two newborn babies. One is her daughter and one is Glow Architects, the latter being the place where her passion and love for architecture is booming in the USA. But she is a self-made entrepreneur, and she knows how to deal with things in every situation.

Follow her:  https://instagram.com/gloriakloter?igshid=1qbtvjdz0ux67