Food Delivery Apps Play a Key Role in Expansion of Food Business

From DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, to, FoodPanda, and HungryPanda, food delivery has come a long way. While there are thousands of tech innovations that people are thankful for, the food delivery app is by far the most loved convenience of them all. It eliminates the need for people to wait in long queues at the drive-through or head out for dinner after a tiring day at work.

After a stressful day, people can head home and order their food while they are on their way, without making any tiring food stops. They can then get in their PJs, jump in their beds, and enjoy food from their favorite restaurants. Food delivery apps have made things easy for everyone across the globe. It is due to this reason food delivery apps are referred to as one of humanity’s greatest convenience.

The way it has made lives easy for people and added the highest level of convenience in their lives is just one way to see how food delivery apps are changing the world. While one aspect focuses on the end consumers, another way it contributes is by helping food vendors, restaurants, and grocery stores grow their business.

Restaurants, cafes, and other food vendors can establish an additional stream of customers, which increases the number of orders they can take. Every restaurant serves in-house guests and also processes orders received through their landlines. Registering with a food delivery network helps them attract an entirely new customer base, those who prefer ordering online.

Mostly food delivery apps offer a variety of different cuisines as they wish to provide their consumers with a wide number of choices. There is one food delivery app that has taken a diverse approach and is only focusing on helping a specific group of food vendors. HungryPanda is a food delivery service that provides a platform for all Chinese food vendors to grow their business. Based in London, this company was born after Eric Liu realized the need to establish a separate service for Chinese food delivery in 2006.

A Smart Tool for Chinese Restaurants

HungryPanda has its headquarters in London, and initially, it was established to address the needs of Chinese students who were studying in the United Kingdom. The food delivery service acquired admiration from all across the country, and it was after its popularity in the UK that it decided to expand its service area. Starting from London, today, this service has spread its roots across sixty major cities in France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. It has turned into a global leader in delivering Chinese food in all these cities.

The food delivery service became operable in May 2006, and since then, Chinese restaurants in the United Kingdom have been able to establish a continuous stream of customers, mostly Chinese expatriates. In addition to this, HungryPanda lets restaurants efficiently manage their orders, leading to enhanced customer service and the establishment of a wide network of loyal customers.

With this service part of a restaurant’s growth plan, these vendors not only get a chance to expand their customer base but also lets them manage the extended network of customers with ease and convenience.

Improving Customer Service

One of the most important factors that determine a restaurant’s success is the degree of satisfaction it instills among its customers. The bigger the network of satisfied customers, the stronger is their reputation in the market.

HungryPanda has worked to create a well-maintained logistics system. It is a self-established facility that helps restaurants deliver their orders without any delays or other problems. It ensures “stable and quick delivery of food and solves delivery-related problems.

The fact that this specialist food delivery platform offers 24-hour online staff service convinces many food vendors to choose this service for delivering the orders to the customers. The efficiency that the company ensures in the process is a way restaurant can maximize customer happiness and satisfaction that leads to the establishment of a wide network of satisfied clients.

Better Order & Bill Management

None of the restaurants dislike the idea of attracting an increased number of customers as it brings great profit their way. Not all restaurant’s management is efficient enough to deal with a boosted influx of customers.

The customer-centric food delivery service, HungryPanda, helps restaurants with that too through their intelligent management feature. The app allows food vendors to manage their businesses independently. The real-time processing of orders and the ability to view the order details immediately after a customer places an order makes it convenient for the business to prepare food and manage bills.

Boosting Marketing Efforts

Marketing and promotion are an important part of every restaurant’s growth strategy. Food delivery apps do help businesses grow by increasing the customer base, but they do not provide a marketing platform. This is where HungryPanda comes in, as it helps businesses promote and market their services.

The company has a dedicated marketing team with industry experts on board. The marketing teams are responsible for a restaurant’s online and offline promotions. Along with this, they provide promotion plans regularly to boost visibility and improve turnover. After HungryPanda’s professional promotion, each restaurant may receive almost 30% extra take-out orders per day.

HungryPanda has considerably expanded its network of Chinese food vendors and restaurants. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the company also step foot in home delivery of groceries. While adding ease and convenience in the lives of people, this company is playing a key role in helping Chinese food vendors and businesses expand their network through efficient food delivery, order management, and extensive marketing efforts.