From a pizza boy in East London to a multi-millionaire in Dubai, the story of Javed Khan

Javed Khan is a young entrepreneur and the founder of JKMT who started trading on the NFX markets while studying Btec in college. According to recent statistics, 80% of all day traders quit within the first two years, with nearly 40% day trading for only one month and only 7% remaining after five years. 

Born in 1998, lived in a council estate in East London. He lost his three close friends at a very young age. His father was a minicab driver. His father’s entrepreneurial spirit led Javed to achieve big in life.

The London craze of trading started when he watched the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. When 18, he started trading on NFX markets. He took a risk and invested £1000 from his savings which he gathered working part-time at Dominos and lost it all in a few hours. His instincts were strong and he knew he could find success with this.

 Javed then became addicted to adrenaline and excitement of trading and invested £10k which his father saved for University. He lost it all again.

 His teachers told him he would not be accepted in University with his attendance record. Also, he saw changes in his father’s behaviour. He realised he needed to sharpen up, do more research and prove himself worthy.

Javed then worked full time at Dominos to make the end meet. He cleared all his debt until the end of 2016. The pizza boy has been able to grow his portfolio into a multimillion-dollar.

E-trading has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, breaking several barriers such as capital and location to help millions of people across the globe make a living from the comfort of their homes. Forex provides an opportunity for the Bears and Bulls to make good profits, with over $5 trillion worth of assets traded daily. Unfortunately, millions of people across the globe have not been able to successfully play around in the market due to the lack of knowledge. 

Javed began seeing success at a young age, making over £350,000.00 in profits in his first year of trading. Javed traded for more than 3 years straight, gradually build an empire.

Within 4 years Javed has achieved the multi-millionaire status, the 22-year-old is looking to expand his investments into the real estate market. Javed is also in partnership with companies to build organisations in the trading industry as he looks to share his experience with other young individuals who are looking to achieve big in life.

Javed moved to Dubai in 2019, purchasing a Bentley and a 4 bedroom villa in Dubai in 2020

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