From Becoming a World-Class Sports Handicapper to Starting a Sports Consultancy: The Most Valuable Takeaways of Cody Vaujin’s Success Story

The handicapping industry is notoriously difficult to size up, but some estimates are putting it on a growth path that will see its value at around $155 billion by 2024. With a healthy growth rate and the sheer amount of money that changes hands, it’s no wonder why people are drawn to it, be it as a pastime or a hobby.

For some, however, handicapping is more than just something they do in their free time. It’s not even a profession; when something fits one’s skill set and talents so well as handicapping fits Cody Vaujin’s (codycoverspreads), it might be appropriate to refer to it as a “calling.”

The famous entrepreneur, handicapper, and consultant is one of the industry’s prodigies. Thanks to his high accuracy rate and, to a degree, his charisma, his presence in the industry has skyrocketed. Through his Instagram profile, Codycoverspreads, and his consultancy’s Coverszn website, Cody’s managed to build a business and a personal brand that centers on delivering excellence.

How did Cody manage to do that? Well, it doesn’t hurt to make a grand entrance into an industry where one has no previous reputation. Cody’s first foray into the world of handicapping was a remarkably successful one—so successful that it prompted Cody to quit college, move to Vegas, and turn his $5,000 bankroll into a $4 million profit in six months.

Behind the scenes of this “millionaire-by-22” story is Cody Vaujin, the excellent student throughout his education, most notably in the field of mathematics. If there were roots of his future success visible in his past, his fondness for math would be one of them.

Another one would be having an entrepreneurial spirit and the room to explore it. This can’t happen at such a young age without parents who are willing to recognize their children’s ambitions, give them the room to work on them, and provide them with the right kind of fuel to stoke that fire. In this case, sports had a lot to do with it; even though Cody might not engage with sports in the way his parents envisioned he would, the early exposure to sports still proved invaluable to his later career.

Fast forward to the present, and Cody is a young entrepreneur who, like many people around the globe, had to find novel ways to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. With clients depending on him for the service he provides, Cody had to get creative and dig hard, deep, and fast for new opportunities to recommend to his clients. He pulled it off, of course—who knew that Korean baseball games would prove to be a fan favorite?—demonstrating in one move that greatness comes from dedication, creativity, and a sense of accountability to people whom one serves. Anyone willing to go after Cody’s spot in the industry needs to have all of that in spades.