Fun Ways to Lift Your Spirits During Difficult Times

It’s safe to say that everyone is going through a difficult time amid the pandemic. The regulations and mandates implemented to protect the general public have changed everyday life for the foreseeable future. Lockdowns and social distancing have kept people away from family, friends, and activities they know and love. Adults and children are stuck at home, trying to adjust to remote work and learning. The rising cost of living, mounting bills, and unemployment have placed an undue amount of economic pressure on American households. 

The Pandemic and Mental Health

Life amid the coronavirus pandemic is downright depressing. The series of chaotic events and lifestyle adjustments have evoked fear, anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. While it’s only natural to feel intense emotion during a national health crisis, remaining in this mental state leads to more problems. When the mind and body are frequently under pressure, it can cause issues ranging from moodiness and pain to a weakened immune system and an increased risk of long-term illnesses and diseases. 

Turning Things Around

Consequently, when you’re not physically or emotionally well, it reduces your ability to navigate these uncertain times. Though it may seem impossible, you must learn how to improve your mood despite what’s going on around you. Continue reading for some fun ideas. 

Get Up and Dance

When you find yourself feeling down, lift your spirits again by getting up and busting your best moves. There’s something about an upbeat tempo and your favorite artists that take your focus off the chaos. Certain songs can trigger memories of good times while others evoke a feel-good or encouraging message. Create a playlist of your favorite tunes and listen to them on your turntable, smartphone, computer, or radio throughout the day. 

Exercise Outside

Lockdowns have kept most people feeling cooped up in their homes. Too much time indoors, however, can quickly lead to sadness, isolation, and depression. If you’re looking to break up the monotony in your day and lift your spirits, make time to exercise outdoors. The sunlight, fresh air, and sounds of nature are all instrumental in enhancing your mood. 

The best part is, exercising can be fun, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. You can practice yoga, ride a bike, go for a jog, rollerskate, or plan a hike. Getting friends and family involved a few times a week only adds to your happiness. Just be sure that you wear protective gear and practice social distancing when outdoors. 

Spend Time Being a Kid

While children likely feel the change and pressure associated with the pandemic, they’re often a lot more resilient during challenging times. Somehow, they can adapt and make the most of each day. Why not draw from the energy of your children by spending some time with them? You’d be surprised how being a kid just for a few moments can lift your spirits. 

Play around in the backyard, have a tea party, play board games, do arts and crafts, get dressed up and go on an adventure, or just lounge around watching cartoons and family movies. The nostalgia is so rejuvenating you’ll feel better in no time. 

Get Lost in a Hobby

If you spend a better part of your day working, completing household chores, and stressing about current events, it’s going to weigh on your emotional health. While you have to provide a living for your family, take care of the house, and stay updated on the pandemic, you can’t overlook the importance of doing things that bring you joy. 

Hobbies are a great way to do something positive for yourself and lift your mood. Whether it’s something you used to do before having a family, or something you’ve always been interested in trying, invest in a fun hobby. You can try painting, pottery, auto restoration, collecting coins, writing poetry, or whatever else best aligns with your skills, experience, and personal interests. 

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes that have been physically and emotionally taxing. While the uncertainty of the future and ongoing reports of chaos can cause you to feel overwhelmed, you mustn’t fall apart. Along with standard advice like eating whole organic foods, increasing physical activity, and getting 7 to 9 hours of rest are necessary, don’t forget to let your hair down, laugh, and have fun during these difficult times.