Gamer Doug ‘FaZe Censor’ Martin Becomes Ambassador for Popular Gaming Charity

Professional gamer Doug Martin aka ‘FaZe Censor’ has been officially announced by The Cybersmile Foundation as an Ambassador.

The organization released a statement to confirm the news that Doug Martin would be joining their Ambassador line-up which includes 5x Counter-Strike World Champion Stephanie Harvey, Normani, Johnny and Lauren Orlando, Paige Spiranac and Katie Cassidy.

Cybersmile’s mission is for inclusive gaming and has worked with a number of games industry brands to raise awareness of the issues that gamers face such as toxicity and online harassment.

The foundation recently launched their #UnAwarenessMovement campaign with Microsoft’s Mixer, which has become a major rival to Twitch after one of its high profile players, Ninja, set up a new channel on the platform.

In addition to the announcement, The Cybersmile Foundation have previously partnered on a number of gaming initiatives with companies including Riot Games, Intel and Pixelberry Studios – educating over 4 million players. The organization also launched the Cybersmile Olympics, a live-streamed fundraiser at London Comic Con in partnership with ESL.

As gaming and esports are now mainstream, corporations are increasingly looking to address some of the negative behaviors that can occur during streaming and in-game. Part of that work for platforms such as Microsoft’s Mixer and Twitch is to encourage players to value their community and treat others with respect.

One recent example of this was Riot Games’ launch of the League of Legends High School Clubs, which Cybersmile helped to develop. The program reinforced positive learning outcomes and life skills such as sportsmanship, resilience and empathy through gaming.

Doug Martin will join Cybersmile’s roster of Ambassadors at a time when the conversation of inclusive and diverse gaming communities is at an all-time high.