Genevieve Pleasure Shares Gems That Can Help You Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Abilities

From self-help books to podcasts to workshops, entrepreneurs are generally interested in finding ways to level up and unlock their full potential. They may invest in mentors and coaches who emphasize spending unbelievable amounts of time and energy to perfect their craft, but for many entrepreneurs, this leads to burnout and a lack of motivation.

Genevieve Pleasure, Intimacy and Manifestation Expert to world-class entrepreneurs, wants to change the way entrepreneurs are taught to become their best selves. Instead of burnout and overwork, she uses the power of intimacy to help her clients perform at the top of their industry.

Remember Who You Are

According to Genevieve, “Most coaches and gurus preach that you have to do certain things to be good enough to have the results that you desire. What I’ve seen, over and over, is that what you want comes to you when you realize that you’re already perfect and that there’s no ‘being good enough’ or ‘getting better.’ Healing isn’t needed because you’re already whole.”

Genevieve helps her clients to become attuned to the need to be intimate and face their desires instead of hiding from them. Once they tap into that need, their reality changes almost instantaneously. “So, it’s not about fixing or changing you; it’s simply about helping you remember who you are.”

Become Fully Aligned with Your Passion

The second key to unlocking your entrepreneurial abilities is to become fully aligned with your passion. According to Genevieve, “when a business is created from the liminal state of being, it is fully aligned with your soul’s passion. Because of this, the business is set up for ease and success because that is your true nature.”

Most entrepreneurs spend a lot of time inside their minds coming up with ideas, and then they try to get motivated to act on such. However, this often leads to burnout and lack of confidence if the concept never gets off the ground or becomes stressful. “Burn out is simply a lack of ecstatic or euphoric flow in the system. When the business is created out of flow, the doing is fun and easy, and abundance and wealth occur effortlessly.”

This euphoria helps to improve the individual’s decision-making skills. Strategizing and organization can occur after the body, spirit, and mind have been fully tuned into pleasure. This ensures that creative processes are done when you are at your peak performance, which also impacts the level of service you provide to your clients. “This is the kind of leadership that our world is asking for – one with novelty, ease, love, and connection.”

Become Fully Aware of All Aspects of Intimacy

Genevieve theorizes that we must pass through all stages of intimacy to unlock our entrepreneurial abilities. She outlines six steps – Safety, Intrigue, Directionality, Openness, Beingness, Expression – that the body must go through to become unified with the mind. It requires careful attention and is not to be rushed. “Most of us, when we self-pleasure, simply try to accomplish a task or reach the end, without going through this arc, so the pleasure feels a bit like fast food and not fully nourishing.” She encourages her clients to go through all stages to achieve a heightened sensual experience, leading to prosperity.

Genevieve has enjoyed her awakening once she became aware of her needs as an entrepreneur. She now uses these skills to help other business owners who want to unleash their full potential.