Giving It All Away is my Number One Strategy, Says Avi Grondin

The more you give all that you have, the more you get. This marketing and sales strategy has guided me so far in my business journey over the last six years. “I see no reason why I should stop,” Avi Grondin, CEO of Variance Marketing and President of ModernDay Cannabis says. He believes that giving it all away is how he retains old clients and gets referrals. 

The business-savvy digital marketer and serial entrepreneur has been giving out the best of his skills and talents when there is a need for it. And he feels giving gifts, as he calls it, making impacts is always the way to go.

The Toronto-based businessman has built thriving businesses over the last few years, starting with a valet business. After a few months, he sold the company, having grown the business from two valet drivers to thirty-five drivers. Now, he leads a team of highly motivated marketers whose goal is to help businesses thrive in the competitive digital marketing space.

Avi understands how fierce competition can be, especially in digital marketing. And he is willing to give all he has to his clients. He believes that holding back ‘core business secrets,’ feeding off scarcity is not the way to go, not for marketers, not for businesses.

“I am brutally honest with all my clients,” Avi said in his latest interview. I tell them the secrets. I tell them what massive marketing agencies would never tell them because it might hinder their reputation. I tell my clients the real stuff.”

For Avi, there is no need to hold back on marketing secrets. People might know what you do, but they don’t know how you do what you do. With marketing, execution is vital.

He also believes that telling his clients the strategies he’d be using helps him build trust with the clients. “They feel as if I am their CMO,” he adds.

Relationships are built on the firm grounds of trust. Nobody likes to do business with the people they don’t trust. We all want to trust those with whom we interact with, those we do business with regularly.

Avi doesn’t think scarcity is ever the way to go. He says he would instead let it all out when discussing with his clients than hold back any information from them. He calls it being brutally honest.

“I am candid with my clients. I tell it as it is.”

Avi also thinks his vast marketing knowledge has helped him build trust with their clients. He has worked with many businesses and has created more than 500 marketing strategies.

“They trust my word and my experience. Good or bad, whatever the situation is, I tell my clients what’s on the ground and how we plan to make things better,” Avi concludes.

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