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Giving women testosterone after they go through the menopause may boost their sex drive, researchers find

The sex drive of women could be boosted by giving them testosterone after menopause, suggests a study.

For the study, the researchers reviewed 36 earlier trials, which involved 8,500 women, and discovered that testosterone patches, sprays and gels enhanced their sexual desire, function as well as pleasure.

The study authors said that these kinds were preferred over testosterone pills because they had lower side effects.

Susan Davis, professor from Melbourne’s Monash University said the findings of the study suggest that it’s time to come up with a testosterone treatment which is tailored to the postmenopausal women instead of treating them using high concentrations that are formulated for the men.

Around one third women face the issue of low sexual desire during midlife, along with connected distress, said Davis. However, there’s no approved testosterone product or formulation available to help them in any nation. Moreover, there aren’t any internationally-approved guidelines on the use of testosterone by women, Davis added.

Taking into account the advantages discovered by the study with regards to the sex lives as well as well-being of women, there is now an urgent need of new formulations and guidelines, Davis further said.

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