Global Teeth Whitening Market to Witness a Growth of 4% During 2019-25

In a global survey carried out by, it has been found that the global teeth whitening market is expected to witness a growth of 4% during the time period 2019-25. The survey highlighted several reasons for the stipulated growth in this sector. One of the prime reasons responsible for this is the growing oral hygiene awareness across the globe.

This has been contributing to an increase in the overall market growth of dental products and technological developments. Manufacturers have been increasing the awareness of oral hygiene by introducing several advanced and innovative dental techniques. The demand for teeth whitening procedures has been gaining significance due to the availability of several bleaching products.

North America has been witnessing the highest increase in the growth of teeth whitening market and the APAC region is also undergoing huge growth due to increasing technological advancements. The availability of several techniques by major players has been contributing to increase the appearance of teeth by lightening the internal as well as the external surfaces of the teeth.

The use of advanced dentistry, new technologies, and efficient materials, has been playing a crucial role in the aesthetic dentistry segment. Different technologies such as advanced intraoral scanners, 3D imaging software, and CAD/CAM systems are being used to easily execute treatment and diagnostics. During the forecast period, 2019-25, several factors will lead to a huge growth in the teeth whitening market.

Some of the factors are the rising incidences of teeth discoloration, the use of marketing as well as advertising techniques by teeth whitening products, technological innovations, and the use of stringent regulatory standards. People are making use of teeth whitening gel for trays EXPERT 38% at home to whiten their teeth by their own.