Google has not been Able to Deliver its Promise to the Users

Google Pixel 4 has a headline feature that it adds a new, secure face unlock feature in lieu of a fingerprint sensor. But now the security is in question as it is found that the phone will unlock even if the user’s eyes are closed. Google has provided a statement that mentions that the company is looking into the matter and promises to deliver and get the issue fixed by completing a software update.

Google has not been able to keep the promise till now and the delay in their part is causing the user several problems. The company has said that they have been working on an option for users to require their eyes to be open to unlock the phone, which will be delivered in a software update in the coming months.

This certain feature of Google Pixel 4 is quite in the lines of what the iPhone offers to its customers- utilizing infrared projectors and cameras to create and read an accurate depth map of your face. This detailing makes it comparatively more secure than other RGB camera based solutions as it cannot be tricked with a photo or a video on a flat screen.

Google has previously mentioned in their talks that they don’t have anything specific to announce regarding future features or timing but promised that like most of their products, this particular feature is designed to get better over time with future software updates. It even suggested that a “Require eyes to be open” toggle was on the Pixel 4’s face unlock settings. But the toggle does not exist on the phones Google showed at its event. It thus won’t be present on shipping phones this week.