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Gooroo Bolsters Its Position As A Modern Learning Platform

The absolute closure of schools in March 2020, shook the entire American educational system. The schools that were entirely unequipped for online learning, had to adapt this new measure to continue the education of thousands of students across the country. Poor infrastructure of online applications and the dearth of customized learning formats for students led to mass inactivity in the young minds of the country. The children that were supposed to learn from this extraordinary situation that the world was facing, were compelled to live in an education-less environment.

If implemented properly, online education that transforms the personality of your child right from the comfort of the home. You wouldn’t have to worry about preparing their extra meals or transport, without compromising on his quality of education. Thus, it becomes very important to find an online platform that has proven experience in streaming live and recorded online content for hundreds of students. Their experience in the niche will ensure that your child only soars higher and higher in his quest for knowledge.

Gooroo is a reputed American platform with an experience of 5 years to show for its work. Over the years, hundreds of educators, learners, and parents have shown immense faith in the online infrastructure of the platform for utilizing the best potential of students. With interactive learning sessions and personalized video content, every student learns in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

Let’s look at the features of Gooroo’s online learning platform.

Send A Request

Yes. It’s as simple as that. All you need to do is enter your basic details and educational requirements. The specialized algorithm of the website will find the perfect match from the list of tutors for you. The tutors on the platform are categorized based on their experience, skills, and abilities. Depending on your required subject’s level of difficulty viz. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, the right tutor will be matched to your profile for providing customized content.

No matter what the course of your choice is, your profile will be matched with a tutor that has years of experience in teaching students. From the difficulty of eight grade mathematics or the complications of French, detangling the messy bits of every subject will become a leisure task with the support of Gooroo’s educators.

Get Lessons Customized For You

While some students struggle with reading skills, others face complications with analytical sides. With age, the difficulty level of the subjects only increases to put extreme stress on young minds. Instead of allowing room for creativity, the burgeoning pressure of assignments and monotonous lectures steals the gift of creativity from growing children.

Gooroo’s educators ensure the required thinking space for children. They alleviate the stress of young minds to allow them some room for thinking, exploring, and implementing based on their acquired knowledge. Most often than not, they also act as the virtual primary source of education for students who are learning in below-average environments.

In addition to the bookish knowledge, educators also focus on developing the personality of students learning in their class. The platform allows for soft skills analysis that helps parents in understanding the capabilities of their child. Depending on the scores of these analyses, the tutors and parents are motivated to work on the weaker areas of the child while allowing them to polish their existing skills.

Every chapter mentioned in the Gooroo courses is taught in a virtual environment that is recorded or streamed live from an area of strong internet connectivity. This ensures an uninterrupted learning experience for children who are already stressed with the poor-quality of online videos streamed by their school teachers. The chapters of every course are taught using the most engaging methods that guarantee your child’s interest. Especially on the topics that seem extra difficult to your child, the educator works harder to simplify the concepts using real-world examples. This makes way for a comfortable learning experience for your child.

Once the lessons are taught, the student gets to access the personalized lesson recap videos and resources like online books. These recaps are customized according to the areas that the student needs to focus on.

Participate In Assessments proctored, advice for college admissions

Based on the chapters that were taught in the previous week (or a specif interval) the educator designs a special assessment for the student. These assessments comprise almost every important concept in the chapters of the course, that is essential for the learning of the child. A combination of theory and practical concepts of every chapter is incorporated in the test. Your child receives enough time to prepare as these assessments are announced days before the main day.

The tests are conducted in a procured environment. This means that every activity of your child during the assessment will be recorded to ensure that the assessment is being conducted in an environment that is free of malpractices. Based on the results of the test, the educator provides advice for college admission. This shows that Gooroo never settles for anything less than the overall betterment of your child’s future.

The educators also offer feedback based on the performance of the student in the test. If there are any particular areas where the student needs to pay extra attention, the tutor will provide step-by-step guidance for improving the student’s performance in the main exam. During these feedback sessions, the educators leave no stone unturned in praising the child’s visible efforts. If there is even the slightest improvement in his performance, the educator acknowledges it and motivates the child to push his limits.

Purchase Customized Membership

Getting a customized membership provides additional flexibility to your schedule. Depending on the number of hours that you can contribute to holistic development, you can select the plans mentioned on the website. You will never be paying a penny more than the hours you have subscribed for.

Gooroo believes in giving back to the community. For every purchased membership, one deserving child gets free education on the platform. So, subscribe today to get and give the benefit of education.

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