Graphic designer Jay Patel turns his dream into a reality as he gets his name in the credits of Team Marvel

Digital creator Jay Patel’s creativity makes him reach the pinnacle of his career at a very early age

Not so long ago, social media was considered merely as a tool to chat with the near and dear ones. But now, it has become an ultimate destination for creators to showcase their content creation skills. Among many other digital creators is Jay Patel, a 20-year-old aspiring graphic designer. Currently based in California, USA, Jay always had a willingness to stand apart from everyone.

Jay discovered his passion for graphic designing three years ago, and since then there has been no turning back for him. He is currently pursuing his degree in Computer Science and Graphic Designing from the University of California. Jay has been adamant about following his passion, and his dedication has led him to make a mark as a team member at Marvel Production house. He was credited as DIT (a.k.a Film Colorist) in the Black Widow movie at a very young age.

Jay Patel is a Graphic Designer and Makes LUT (Color Correction) filters on Snapchat and Instagram. His idea generation based on how youngsters like it make his creativity stand out in the crowd amongst the millions of those digital creators.

He has over a Billion views, and his Color Correction filter is used by celebrities across social media which have given him remarkable recognition for his work. When asked about how he got this golden opportunity, the talented lad said, “To be honest, I never expected it to happen in my life this early. I was always curious to know how filters on Snapchat and Instagram work until I became an expert in it. That’s how it started when I created filters on trending topics on the internet.” Well, in a very less time, Jay came in the limelight as his dream of becoming one notable graphic designer came true.

Jay came across the opportunity to work with team Marvel through a friend, and today his work and dedication have made his dreams turn into reality and proved that India has talent in abundance, and we have a long way to go.

Currently, Jay is working with zeal and enthusiasm for his upcoming projects with Marvel, Sang-Chi & Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Not only this, he is pretty passionate about his participation at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, an information technology conference held annually by Apple Inc. Throwing light on the same, he revealed, “I am giving it my all for it. More than a year has passed and during this time, I have given 2x amount of hard work and dedication for the event. I am really excited about it.”

We have come across so much happening throughout these two years of worldwide crisis, but it’s one such creative enthusiast who makes us proud during these unprecedented times. Jay’s persistent efforts are a strong example that if you continue to work rigorously for anything you are passionate about, there is no looking back.

Jay says he has big plans for the future, he believes in putting in heart and soul to whatever he does. He further added, “I have always had unrealistic goals and dreams. By God’s grace, everything has fallen into place. After smashing a billion views on the internet, my end goal is to become the first trillionaire and I am pretty sure that I will reach my target soon.”

It is indeed enriching to see a young and aspiring talent like Jay creating opportunities for him. With the work he is doing, it is pretty evident that Jay’s success will be one such leading examples for coming generation. In a very less time, Patel has created various Snapchat filters that made him reach a billion plays on social media platforms globally. Many celebrities and creators look up to this bundle of talent for creating out of the box filters for them over the web space.