Grigore Counselling’s Founder Robert Grigore Believes in Quick Results

In the fast-paced world of today, all of us are looking for quick solutions. Be it fitness, health, or something as simple as technology-related issues, we want our work done as soon as possible so we can get on with the next task and then the one after that. In simple words, we are in a race which has led to people facing a variety of mental health issues.

According to reports from the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one in every five Canadians experience mental health issues within a year. Furthermore, MHCC also reports that only one in three adults experiencing mental health issues seek help in the form of therapy or otherwise. In the business world, entrepreneurs and CEOs of today have pressures much more intense than they did, say, twenty years ago. The pressure for high profitability and low costs usually keeps them engaged in strategizing and controlling teams of multiple individuals. 

As a result, these people hardly get time to cater to their own needs and this is probably why it’s so common to come across cases of severe depression, poor mental health and the very extreme scenario, suicides in this group of individuals. These problems, if left undiagnosed and untreated, can lead to several issues that become bigger as time passes. In the case of entrepreneurs and CEOs, the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life are enough to cause an individual to go through serious anxiety and panic disorders.

In order to help such people, Robert Grigore, a certified EMDR Therapist and founder of Grigore Counselling, has come up with a quick solution: accelerated EMDR Therapy.

One & Done – Total Immersion Package: A Quick, One-Time Fix

Quick and lasting fixes are somewhat of a selling proposition for Grigore Counselling. Thanks to Robert Grigore, individuals suffering from a mental health problem do not have to spend decades, years, or even months in therapy in order to feel better.  

Grigore Counselling offers the “One & Done – Total Immersion Package”, a package that offers quick and effective solutions for dealing with mental health problems. The main purpose of this therapy experience is to eliminate the entire negative belief system and replace it with unwavering attitudes that help a person lead a happier life. 

It contains premium EMDR packed into fifteen hours of direct counselling for people who need quick fixes that last. Many of Robert’s clients cannot afford to invest months or even years in processes that don’t guarantee results. With the One & Done – Total Immersion Package, all it takes is one weekend for you to experience a lasting change in yourself—or your money back. Many CEOs, entrepreneurs and other individuals who experience immense amounts of pressure every day from their work or personal lives, have undergone this amazing process and reported to respond positively to stressful situations, and no longer give in to pressure (which was previously not possible for them).

Not only have professionals and regular individuals noticed responding more positively, many of Robert’s clients have reported radical improvements with more productive traits such as: self-confidence, communication and boundary setting, authentic engagement in their relationships, and being completely free of anxiety in situations that previously instilled fear in them.

Having a busier life than the generations before you should not stand in the way of your personal well-being and professional growth. Luckily, we now have professionals and experts such as Robert Grigore and his team willing to help you out in your pursuit of happiness in life. So instead of avoiding your problems, face them head-on and seek professional help whenever needed.