Hair Removal through the Ages

The tradition of hair removal is not new to women; they have been removing the hair on their bodies for centuries. Women in ancient Egyptian, Roman and Indian cultures have been subjected to different hair removal practices. Dating back to 3,000 BCE, the first razors made from seashells were used by women to shave off the head and pubic hairs. Egyptians removed hair with sugar-based waxes like modern-day waxing practices. Romans used a multitude of tools like tweezers, pumice stones, and creams/lotions for hair removal. In the 1960s and 1970s, Brazilian wax hit the mainstream. This waxing method removes all pubic hair from the body, it causes less irritation, rashes, and redness. A Brazilian wax keeps hair-free for three to four weeks, making the body smooth and providing a long-lasting effect.

Over time, the process of waxing has become easier and less painful, for women. New products of hair removal waxing have been introduced in the market such as Cream-based warm waxes, Hard wax products are an effective option to remove thicker hair and fine, thin hair. Usually, waxing becomes expensive during summers. Therefore, many women use homemade waxing products to ease the strain on their wallets. To find the best homemade waxing products that are economical and do not cause any chemical reactions, women need to research different waxing products, used each product needs to be monitored for up to a week to notice any irritation or reaction.

According to the beauty lab’s top-tested waxing kits, the products of Parissa are tested in the lab. Testers have confirmed that they are easy to apply, and there is no skin irritation or pain to skin. Parissa is a global leader in natural hair removal. From face to toes, wherever you want smooth skin, Parissa products get removed hairs. Parissa’s ingredients are safe, gentle, and prepared from natural, sustainable sources

Parissa Wax products: The best wax right for you

The pioneer of Parissa is the first female Chemical Engineer, Azar Moayeri who noticed that during those days only hair removal products available were chemical lotions, bleaches, or creams that caused chemical reactions. So, Azar planned to launch a homemade product for waxing. She searched for various natural ingredients that could be used to make homemade wax. Besides, this, Azar also looked for alternatives that provided better performance without toxin reactions. This is how she planned to start preparing a new home-based venture named Parissa.

Parissa has reinvented the product allowing people to gain confidence in using homemade wax. Women are satisfied that the home waxing kits are made from all-natural ingredients providing the highest quality waxes for smooth skin. When you buy Parissa you can choose from wax strips and a wax roll-on to salon-style waxes like sugar wax, hot wax, and warm wax to keep you hair-free and silky smooth for weeks! Parissa also makes a wax warmer to provide you with a complete salon experience at home. The process of natural and eco-friendly waxes is a blend of hydrocarbons and fatty esters (an ester of fatty alcohol and fatty acid). The other natural ingredients include sustainable sources like tree resin, cane sugar, beeswax, vegetable oils, and plant extracts. 

Parissa Wax Strips Legs & Body

Parissa Wax Strips Legs & Body are perfect for waxing larger areas like the legs, arms, stomach, and back. These wax strips are super easy to use, they can be simply pressed on and zipped off for smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. Another important feature of these strips is they are biodegradable and are made with all-natural ingredients such as Pine Resin, Castor Seed Oil, Beeswax, and Mineral Powder. Ultra Soothe Oil is formulated with essential oils to minimize hair growth and soften and soothe the skin. 

The wax strips are quick and simple home waxing kit, perfect for travel or quick touch-ups. The customers find Parissa’s products safe, and gentle and provide professional results in minutes. Hence, the wax strips made with different natural ingredients have sensitive skin formulas, ideal for sensitive skin.

Parissa Wax Strips Face Hair Removal Waxing Kit for Women 

 These are ready-to-use strips made from gentle cream-based wax. These strips are shaped to fit your body. The kit includes Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil and biodegradable wax strips that are smaller wax strips used for the face & bikini. While using Parissa Wax Strips, many women find salon-quality wax and comfort. For safe hair removal from the face, underarms, and bikini,  the ready-to-use waxing strip keeps skin smooth. These wax strips are made from natural ingredients. Parissa has the best waxing kits that give long-lasting smoothness. Parissa wax strips are the most effective hair removal kit.  

Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax Kit

Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax Kit is sensitive skin-friendly and ideal for sensitive skin. The Hot Wax strip is gentle and effective. As it warms, the wax transforms into a rich consistency that slips onto the skin and grabs short and coarse hair. Brazilian wax provides salon-style convenience to the customers. The strips have gentle beeswax formula, infused with calming azulene is suitable for bikini and body waxing. By using Parissa Brazilian Hot Wax, the skin remains smooth for weeks.

Face & Body Sugar Wax

The sugar wax formula is safe and gentle and effective on fine and medium hair types and can be used on arms, legs, face, and body. Washable sugar wax for the face and body is safe and gentle on sensitive is easy to use, the application is easy and simple, and the customers have to warm up the wax, apply a thin layer, press on the included fabric strips, and zip away. Parissa’s fabric epilation strips are made with recycled materials and are also reusable. The kit comes with everything you need to get the perfect smoothness at-home wax.

Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax

Women have found Parissa Strip Free Hot Wax very useful since this DIY waxing kit is formulated to tackle the toughest hair including short and coarse hair in small and delicate areas. It is ideal for waxing at face brows, underarms, or bikini areas. When strips are heated properly, they gave perfect consistency and instant results as they grab every hair without grabbing the skin. The waxing kit is prepared from skin-safe ingredients including azulene (Chamomile extract), Collophonium, Cera Alba (beeswax), and Brassica Napus. These skin-safe ingredients do not harm the skin or cause allergic reactions. Using at regular intervals helps to remove the tan on the skin and helps make the skin silky, soft, and smooth to touch.

According to customers, all Parissa products are effective to use. Parissa products are made with ingredients, packaging, and components that are sustainable and ethically sourced. All containers and packaging are intentionally made with materials that are easily recyclable or sustainably harvested. The products are originally formulated as a safe alternative to the existing product with harsh chemicals. They are reliable personal grooming products especially prepared for women to have home comfort.

Created by entrepreneur Azar Moayeri, the brand continues to thrive as the waxing industry, and global hair removal market has acknowledged the effectiveness of the products. Parissa remains a family affair, they have extended their team, employees, suppliers, customers, and product users who share a strong commitment to their community. Parissa is family-owned and located on the West Coast of Canada. They are proud to be a woman-owned business and even after 38 years remain a family-operated company. Everything they do is with care, aiming to provide the highest comfort to women.

 Inspired by the trailblazing attitude of the founder, Azar Moayeri, Parissa is on the path of innovation. Parissa has expanded internationally their products and continues to manufacture, package, and ship products from its award-winning eco-facility to different locations including the north shore of Vancouver. It continues to inspire consumers to use homemade skin-friendly products that are less expensive and have smooth skin. 

As more customers are using Parissa waxing products, they have shown their satisfaction with its convenience and gentleness on sensitive skin. So, now more consumers are ready to shop for the waxing product of their choice. They can choose from wax strips to salon-style waxes like sugar wax, hard wax, and warm wax, Parissa keeps body hair-free and silky smooth for weeks. By discovering non-toxic waxes wax lovers can soften their glowing beautifully smooth skin. It is a perfect choice for women to use for body waxing, everywhere from bikinis to underarms. By discovering non-toxic waxes wax lovers can soften their glowing beautifully smooth skin as their skin remains soft and smooth for weeks!