Hiphop artist Cirok Starr doing numbers

Music is the universal language. Hiphop is all over the world now. Hiphop and music in general is a large influence in Asia. Hiphop artist Cirok Starr represents Southeast Asia. With songs like ”Level Up” featuring One Hunned will sure enough to get the crowd going. Not mention his viral hit ”Another Bottle” featuring One Hunned & Starz is probably the theme song for current summer and the summers to come.

Cirok Starr is the hottest Asian American hiphop artist right now. He has hours of non stop move your hips to the beat music. There is nothing about this artist that that blends in with the rest of the crowd. Cirok Starr is a trend setter , a leader , and the life of the party. No matter what mood you are in, his music will take you to another level where all your stress will disappear and you just want to head to the dance floor. Mesmerized by his cool looks or just entertained by his cinematic music videos. You are sure to take a shot or a drink during his performance. Cirok is not shy to pass a shot to the crowd or even water fall his favorite cognac made by Hennessy. To see a live performance is adrenaline flowing through your veins of excitement. That is why we put Cirok Starr as one of our hiphop artist. It is no wonder Cirok is doing undeniably larger numbers on YouTube then any artist in his category. Even with talent, you still need to show the hustle. Hard work and consistency will eventually pay off. This super star definitely shows off his hustle it’s starting to pay off.